Warhammer Fantasy Anyone ???????

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Warhammer Fantasy Anyone ???????

Post  Necron on Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:22 pm

Hello All ........ Seems Heritic Steve liked this list. I have to admit, I do as well. Any chance of Empire getting in a game?

Here are my 7 units:

Unit Number (1) I have a 6x6 block of Halberdiers with Command that includes an Empire Captain sporting the Griffin Standard (double rank bonus), and a tricked out Warrior Priest (Sv3+, 3 Att, AP, with a Terrifying mask of EEEEE (Causes Terror). The unit has 2 dets ….5 spear and 15 Free Co. This unit causes TERROR (edit I had fear), deploys as 56 models when it hits the table, and has an initial close combat resolution of 6+…. For the Empire that’s pretty big stuff.

Unit Number (2) I have 8 Inner Circle, Knights of the White Wolf with command and a Banner of swiftness (1+ to movement – read that no Barding Penalty) To this unit I attach Luthor Huss ( Fear Causing Warrior Priest) and the Emperor on a barded warhorse with Ghal Maraz (Auto wound D3 If I’m lucky I van kill a dragon on the charge) This unit causes fear and I have two chara that can charge out of the unit for max destruction.

Unit Number (3) I have 20 Great swords ( Stubborn) with a banner that causes Terror

Unit Number (4) Great Cannon

Unit Number (5) Steam Tanks and a ……………..Oh yes the Steam Tank Commander has a Hochland How do you spell big Nasty that causes Terror

Unit Number (6) Oh yes I have two Steam Tanks …..

Unit Number (7) Just for Fun I have another Warrior Priest riding a Magic Carpet (Flying) for anti War Machine attacks.

So what do you think???

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