NEW SCENARIO!!! What do we say to Death?

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NEW SCENARIO!!! What do we say to Death?

Post  AllmightyDM on Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:43 pm

We often play lots of wierd matches 2v1, 2v2, all on all, etc so I made a new scenario for our weekly game. Tell me what you think... and yes if you catch the reference you are awesome.

Scenario Name: What do we say to Death?

Theme: The world is collapsing and there's only one more interplanetary transport to steal. Get off the damned planet with intel about the super weapon.

Primary Objective ESCAPE!(10 Points): Be the only player with scoring units on the launch pad at the end of the game.
Secondary Obective SEND THE BLUEPRINTS(5 Points): Hold the comm station at the end of any of your turns uncontested with a scoring unit. Only once per player.
Tertiary Objective 1 ACCESS DENIED!(2 Points): Kill an enemy unit holding the Holding/Contesting the Comm Station or who is on the Landing Pad. You can achieve this objective multiple times.
Note: No other points are awarded for killing enemy units. The game ends after turn 5.

Points: 500 per player

Deployment: Depoyment markers will be evenly placed across the table edges. You must deploy within 12' of your deployment marker, you cannot deploy within 18" of an enemy. Players will roll highest to lowest to decide deployment zones.

Special Events
Event 1: At the beginning of EVERY new round move the collapse marker forward 3" from every table edge. The area behind the collapse marker becomes lethal and dangerous terrain. (This means if you don't move out of it in your movement phase, or can't move out of it, units over the line are removed as casualties.)
Event 2: Orbital Strike before each player's movement phase there is a chance they can call in an orbital strike, roll a d6, on a 6 place a large blast template anywhere with no BS and 3d6 scatter, it is STR 10 AP -.
Failed Leadership: Runs to the center of the board underneath the Landing platform.

Table setup:
Note: All difficult terrain is dangerous.
1. Skyshield landing pad to center of table, to go up up must move within 2" of a leg, and it costs 3 movement (difficult terrain check). The top of the landing pad is open terrain.
2. Place 8 spore mines around the base of the landing pad 2 per leg. They do not move, but otherwise follow all rules for spore mines, except if a unit moves within 2" they explode as well. (Spore Mine: Place a large blast marker over it STR 4, AP4)
3. Place an Aegis defense line with a Comms Relay station and a Gun Emplacement in the middle of the short table edge 8" away from the edge.

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Re: NEW SCENARIO!!! What do we say to Death?

Post  EmeraldWolf on Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:37 pm

I like this one Smile

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