A question for Chaos Marine players

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A question for Chaos Marine players

Post  Heretic Steve on Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:29 pm

What have you playtested?

How is the heldrake? Do you use the flamer or cannon?

What troops do you use? Why?

Do you use demon allies? I feel this is how they will be most effective.

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Re: A question for Chaos Marine players

Post  The Emperor Waffle on Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:27 pm

I'm looking at making a demons allied list. I just need to tally up what I have and go forth. I did just get 2 flyers so I could make some heldrakes. lol

The Emperor Waffle

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Post  mouser04 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:53 am

im sti;; trying to fig out how make list so far everytime i gets blown away to the man
feel like i cant make list that my own withOUT [caps] making one that everyone else is using i hate that[copying n spamming[ork trukk delemma o,o]

csm cheap make em anyway u want but option is where it hurts gets exspensive

possesed marine i found they are good
zerkers are good but lackn in the power wep ap 3
thousand sons are good but are way too expensive
noise marine off the chain good and cheap
plague marine are good lil cheaper then the 1kson sons

cultist are solid waste of a tar pit but only better if typhus is in the army or put an lord with them they got to be in a mob style[horde]

chosen are good 4 guy with melta or plasma and the hvy wep
termies i wont see them on table at all they got to expensive to play
hq area good all depends on how u wana play

defiler is better but a hefty point sink
mualerfiend awsome but the other one lack luster gets killed to easy
helldrakes well rhey can be self explantory as in AWSOME

havocs are good all around squad got to be wise in the way u outfit them[points]

raptors are awsome
the new one looks kool but havnt play tested them [warp talons]

marks are better
but on some units its better to have good saves or surviviblity

icon are better but be careful how u put them in the squad they can by focus fired at or hosed down with saturation of fire or melee

boon table awsome on all them but roll on some of them render them usless if the squad are ready have the boon stuff[as fearless or internal warrior shred with the warp talons lol

so far thats all i have gather from the codex of play testing pat can fill in the rest tho since memorize the book thru n thru O,O

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Re: A question for Chaos Marine players

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