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Post  Heretic Steve on Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:43 am

This is a list of armies I am willing to part with:

Dark Angels, Ravenwing, and Deathwing...over 4000pts. 40+bikes, 5 terminators, 35+marines, Land Raider, Ezekial, 3 rhinos, 10+speeders. The terminators, raider, and ezekial are professionally painted. Custom bases are included for the bikes.

Fantasy Dark Elves...over 5000pts. ALL PAINTED PROFESSIONALLY.

Imperial Guard...approxiately 5000pts. ALL PAINTED PROFESSIONALLY. This includes forgeworld Commissars and Vendetta upgrades, 50+ special weapons, 12 chimeras, 4 vendettas, 3 demolisher/executioner, Al-Rahem, 2 complete sets of Schaeffer's last chancers, 2 sets of Gaunt's Ghosts, and an oop 2nd edition assassin (Marbo).

40K 6th ed rulebook is also for sale.

I have 2 empty Battlefoam pack air bags for sale as well.

I will be keeping the Necrons and Eldar. You don't think I am leaving completely do you...?

Contact me if you are interested in COMPLETE ARMIES, the battlefoam, or the rulebook.

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