February 16th SMG Gautier Convention Center Events

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February 16th SMG Gautier Convention Center Events

Post  Hinkel on Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:08 pm

Below are the event that the South Mississippi Gamers are putting together for the month of February at the Gautier Convention Center

$5 entry See Hinkel or Carl for payment

All Player please be there no later then 10:30 am if possible

Dice hits the table at 11am

Warhammer 40k Event

Apocalypse February 16th SMG event at the Gautier Convention Center
This will be the event played
Rules Below

4000 points per person no double force orgs , bring big fun stuff to have fun
4 rounds
1 hour and 15 min turns
3 HQ
8 Troops
4 Elite
4 Fast
4 Heavy
1 Fortification “Any”
1 Super Heavy
Each team will have 1 Emperor Titan provided by SMG
Standard 6th Edition 40k rules only APOC rules are on the Super Heavy’s "No Formations"
Extra Super Heavy’s will be provided by SMG, a list will come later, first come first serve
Any super heavy's are allowed as long as they are not more then 2000 points
Team Captains will have 2 Warlord traits that will work for their team
Any Questions?

Warmachine Event

By Adam Moore "Man-of-War " from SMG

"Cutting your teeth" Event
Players will need their factions Battlebox(stat cards included in clear sleeves), dry erase marker, 4x D6 dice, Warmachine templates are needed, but not mandatory, Warmachine Prime Mk2 rulebook needed, but not mandatory for learning to play.
This event is meant to strike out to new players in the area. More of a have fun learning basics and mechanics of the game event.

SMG Pathfinder Event

By Brandon Cline "AllmightyDM" from SMG

For those interested or daring enough, I will be running a Pathfinder game I will be running my new copy of Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition at the Gautier convention center. You can bring a level 1 character produced from the Pathfinder Corebook or any non-third party Paizo (pathfinder) expansion book. I will be running a scenario and you are welcome to come jump in at any time.
Character creation is as follows:
Ability bonuses must add to 10, before racial templates. Aka No rolling dice, Strength 18 is a +4, that's 4 of your ability bonus points. First level hitpoints are max, you must take average starting gold and only half of it can be spent on any 1 item, no more.
If you are interested and will be playing drop a post here. If you are new to the game, this will be a great time to sit down and play between 40k matches. I will have a few pregenerated characters to tinker with. My regulars will tell you that I'm not afraid to gak a player character, but I run a good game. I'll probably be running this at every other game day. So that's once every other month.

*****This Pathfinder event will have a mix of some of Gulf Coast Gamer guys and SMG guys most likely, so any SMG members will just pay me and everyone else pay Gulf Coast Gamers************

Club website:http://southmsgamers.forumotion.com/

If you have any questions please email or message me on the SMG forms
SMG Event Coordinators:
Hinkel "Hinkel"
Carl "AArdvark085"


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