o topic is about the daemon dex so let debate

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o topic is about the daemon dex so let debate

Post  mouser04 on Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:26 am

let talk about the dex here and see what it have to muster the force of evil so far i read up on it
is most have to have them rewards to the troops to get any good stuff for them which is good one i might add

i finnally got my wish for the daemon to deploy as normal [so hated the deep strike crap land and get shoot to hac n back to the warp]

i see the flamers n screamer are tone down but are still good
see the troops toughness are ugh 3 cept nurgle 4

we dont have marks more or less renamed to daemon of[k/z/n/s] all get their respective role within them

no longer fearless in combat but during the op's shooting phase we are

i understand the instability test we basicly have necron get back into play rule [depends on the rolls u get]
basicly we auto pass fear/pin/moral test cannot choose to fail any of these
if we loses an assualt take an instability test at the check moral step of the fight sub phase
roll a dice if it is a double 1's or double 6's daemons presence fluctuates
all on page 26 in codex but u defently dont wanna roll 6 u just ummmm booof gone banish to the warp if and no buts gone [BYE BYE SEE U AGAIN ANOTHER THOUSANDS OF YEARS[THX U PLEASE COME AGAIN]

warp storm table i like nothing wrong with just roll like i do for the wierdboy psychic test chart[randon d6 cept its 2d6]AND ITS start of each of your shooting phase and its effects are immediatly resolved

skar is cheeper
all the upgrade characters are HQnow[changling ect.]

thru a list together from what i did went cheepo with it


lord of change
upgrade to lvl 3 psyker
exalted/lesser reward

20 letters
bloodreaper/greater reward
15 letters
bloodreaper/greater reward
15 letter
bloodreaper/greater reward

10 horrors[lvl 1 psyker]
irredescent/lesser reward
11 horror[lvl 2 psyker]
irredescent/lesser reward
10 horror[lvl 1 psyker]
irredescent/lesser reward

soul grinders
soul grinders
soul grinders

1850 list example might play it tomorrow to test it out to see how the codex work then work from there so far i like the way kelly went with this codex tone done but not overly nerf baseball bat in the foul area feel too it

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