Hinkel "Cygnar" vs Logan "Circle" Week One Journeyman League Battle Report

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Hinkel "Cygnar" vs Logan "Circle" Week One Journeyman League Battle Report

Post  Hinkel on Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:32 pm

Cygnar battle box vs Circle Battle Box

Hinkel vs Logan

The Set Up



The Table

1st round
Cygnar won initiative and moved up to attack
Circle moved up and missed getting in combat range ay a couple inches

2nd round
Circle mad a booboo and left the thier warlord in the open
Cygnar shot alot of shots at the warlord and almost killed him, almost got down to 4 life left....so close
Cygnar charges with warjacks and attacks the cirlces warbeast, 2 life left....dang
Circle combats warjacks and do damage but do not dmage anything to critical
Circle warbeast does damage to warjacks but still nothing critical

3rd round
Circle heals warlord for some life
Cygnar Kills Circle's warbeast
Circles warcaster puts up stealth to negate any shots further then 5"
Cygnars shooter move in closer

4th round
Circle runs up to Cygnars warcaster
Cygnars shooter moves in closer with 3 focus
Cygnars warcaster uses a spell to shoot an arcane spell through a warjack and hits Circles warlord for alot of damage
Cygnars shooter shoots alot at Circles warlord and kills him.

Good Game
Hinkel "Cygnar" Win

Logan "Circle" Lose


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