Commander intro for new players

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Commander intro for new players

Post  Mtgjody on Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:03 pm

Commander is a sub game within magic the gathering,in magic there are different zones on the play field,The graveyard,the battlefield,deck,hand,exile,etc.In commander there is one more zone,the command zone,basically the command zone cant be tampered with by any player,its where your general is cast from and where he/she starts at the beginning of every game,the command zone is only there to cast your general from thats its only function,your general cannot be removed from the game unless you allow it to be,there is a reason for this,every time your general dies you have the choice to have it go to your graveyard or the command zone,after the first time you cast your general from the command zone it costs two colorless more every time to cast from the command zone,so if someone was to temporarily remove your general from the game say with oblivion ring you could have it removed with that card so you don't have to pay more mana later,if not you can always choose for him/her to go to the command zone instead of dieing or being removed form the game.In commander your deck is 99 cards plus your general for a total of 100 cards,Your general must be a legendary creature,with the exception of basic lands you can only have one copy of any card in your deck,i suggest 60 non land cards and 40 lands,you'll want to have at least 1/3 of your lands to be utility lands,ill go into that in another post,3 more things for the intro to commander,your life starts at 40,your deck can only produce mana in the colors of your general and you can win alternatively by doing 21 points of damage from your general instead of putting them to 0.

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