The reason why we play commander

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The reason why we play commander

Post  Mtgjody on Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:46 pm

Fun,yes i know,its crazy but thats the main reason,to make complicated things work and to be able to play not only one of expensive cards that you wouldn't get any action out of otherwise,but to have a fun,social experience,to make new friends and not to be a D-bag,yes before i get into any more posts about magic or commander i cannot express enough that its suppose to be for fun,playing cards that doesn't allow people to play the game are allowed but not suggested,if you want people to play with you in the future it would do you not to play cards like destroy all lands or only one land untaps,commander games tend to go long in multiplayer setting lets not make that time frustrating for other players by locking the other players from doing anything,that being said there are a lot of unfair cards to be played,just think about what your goal is when building your deck,if your idea is to make some crazy combo that wins early thats fine,but if your set on making land destruction the main focus dont expect a lot of requests to play with you.

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