Commanding on a budget/how to start your build

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Commanding on a budget/how to start your build

Post  Mtgjody on Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:57 pm

First thing is you don't have to spend a lot of money on commander,if you've been playing for awhile you might not have to spend any money,although you will most likely trade for a card here and there when you see what works and doesn't work,so lets go over the key points of what you need to do.

1: Make a deck that you like to play already,the easiest way to get into edh is to play what you enjoy

2: Keep in mind what colors you like when choosing your general,if you want removal white and black have the best.
3: Make your first deck mono,mana can be the bane as for as real money goes the more colors you go the more mana fix you will need so to keep it cheap this is one way to go.
4:Lands are extremely important,utility lands that serve multiple functions i cant express enough how good they can be.
5:You don't have to always build around your general,if your general has a mill ability you do not have to make your whole deck mill,in fact its a bad idea sometimes.
6:Don't take a lot of time making your first deck,just like the first deck you built when starting magic its most likely not going to be good,its just to get a feel for the format and to see what others build and play.


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