Formats,what they mean for you!

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Formats,what they mean for you!

Post  Mtgjody on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:00 am

Constructed:Where you build a 75 card deck,60 cards for your main deck and 15 cards for your sideboard,your sideboard cards can only be used for games 2 and if there's a 3rd game,your deck must be back to its original 60 card build on the next round.

Standard constructed(aka type 2),currently ,innistrad ,dark accession,Avacyn restored,M13,Return to ravnica,gatecrash,soon to be dragon maze and M14,what this means is your 75,(60 card main deck and 15 card sideboard)can only include these sets.

Modern constructed is 8th edition to current sets,with some cards banned

Legacy constructed is all sets with some cards that are banned


Draft,draft is when you get 8 players at a table and each open a pack take a card and pass the rest of the pack to your opposing players,you get a total of 3 packs and the passing rotates left,for the first pack,right for the second and then left for the third,you may only take one card at a time and you only get to look at the cards you have picked in between packs,the goal is to make a 40 card deck,most of the time your trying to get around 23 playable cards,you add 17 land and that's your 40 card deck,plus there is a time limit on your picks it goes from 50 seconds for the first two cards and then down to 45 seconds for the next two,etc.
You normally have about 20-30 minutes to make your deck after the drafting is over.

Sealed:,you are given 6 packs to open and make a 40 card deck,your not as much in control of what you can get in draft picking what you want but your card pool will give you more options and there isn't much pressure.
You normally have about 20-30 minutes to make your deck.


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