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Post  Necron on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:08 am

Hobby Minitures: Scales and aspect ratios: What size should my figures be??

In our hobby of miniature wargamming from time to time the question of scale comes up. There is a fantastic resources available on the Net that discuss scale and how “real world” items are scaled and modeled.

Common scales used in the hobby are:

6mm = 1/285
15mm = 1/107
25mm = 1/64

As with all scales the first unit is listed in the fractional scale representation is a measurement on the scaled miniature and the second unit in the fractional representation is a measurement on the modeled item (the “real world”). For example in the above scale list, the 1/64 scale a one(1) inch model represents a 64 inch “real world” item. In this scale 25mm figure (about 1 inch) would represent a “real world” man of about 5’4”. This is the approximate scale of Warhammer 40K figures. FOG is played with smaller figures in a 1/107 scale.

You can find a lot of detail the reference section at the following site:

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