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SMG Magic event Information station

Post  Mtgjody on Fri May 03, 2013 4:38 pm

May 11th will be our Standard constructed magic tournament at the Gautier convention center.The format is standard,cards pre-dateing M13 and innastrad are not allowed,60 card deck and 15 card sideboard or no sideboard at all,the prize payout will be one pack per person,I.E. if exactly 20 people play, the payout will be 12 packs for first,5 packs for second and 3 packs for third,you get nothing for dropping out,the entry fee is five dollars and does not include any other events at game day,if we run any other tournaments at the event it will be at additional cost,The amount of rounds will vary on how many play,but it will most likely be 3-4 rounds then a cut to the top 4, or if more top 8 players,we will start promptly at 12pm unless otherwise instructed.One more thing this tournament is unsanctioned,meaning that your DCI number will not be used.Dragon maze boosters will be for sale for 3.50 credit or cash!

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