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Vassal Game

Post  Klodar on Sat May 18, 2013 3:09 am

I tried out my NL's warband(posted elsewhere on this site) on vassal and it worked pretty well. My opponent and I had the same victory points so it ended up being a tied game. My Obliterators were (as usual) the MVP's of the match. The three of them took out both teams of his Battlesuits and ended up making short work of his Firewarriors. He wiped out both of the cowardly and worthless Cultist Squads I brought as well as being able to kill most of my Raptor Squad (w/ attached Lord). All in all it was a fast-paced and well played game. I didn't think of it until now but I will take screen shots of each of the turns on my next games played for you to see. Chaos Eternal~Klodar

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