The Fallen or Those Jerks in Dresses

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The Fallen or Those Jerks in Dresses

Post  fallen on Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:31 pm

WARNING!! WARNING!! All ideas can be blamed on the Chad, the Chad is the one that gave it to the Sean, if you don't like it blame the Chad and not the Sean.

Fluff (read at your own risk):

A Bunch of Fallen Dark Angels exit the warp and gradually gather around Cypher, a mysterious figure (oh noes Shocked ), after enough gathered together they decided to go on a kegger and steal them some rides and guns, lots and lots of guns and ammo. So after a few visits to the local forgeworld and local Blood Angels successor chapter fortress monastery and a hive world (to pick up paint), the Fallen had their rides. Once said rides were repainted they went out to follow Cypher's mysterious agenda. **cough** **cough** Panty raid **cough** on local **cough** Sororitas monastary **cough** **cough**

Oh yeah, also one of the Fallen may or may not have made a deal with the Emperor or some big chicken that likes to chant "Just as planned." to become something new entirely, how, well he has golden wings and likes to swing a ax around, not sure what else he does.

Oh and ignore those horses that the Fallen like to ride occasionally, there is no spoon er.... horse.....

:End Fluff

Laters, Sean off before the men in white coats come to take Sean away........... again. HA HA!!

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