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SMG Club reviews

Post  Hinkel on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:29 pm

Well we had a very good day yesterday from our SMG Gaming store trip, we met with several people from different stores from Pensacola to Pascagoula. More details on the store reviews as they come in later, but for right now lets talk about the clubs and groups when talked to

1st -

This group we met at the gulf coast gamers day event and met them again at Gamers N Geeks, Craig Stokes is the man we talked to and he seemed like a real good guy to be running games with, so if anyone out there is wanting to Play or DM in the DND/Pathfinder Society then click on the group below and start networking, i promise you wont regret it.

2nd -

We had a chance to sit down with Johnny Smiley and the owner of Gamers N Geeks "Woody" and let me tell you this group has a great potential of doing alot of good things in the tabletop community. As soon as we walked in the store we were welcomed by some very friendly club members and store staff. This group is playing Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, X-wing fighter, and much much more. We also saw some people playing magic and Pathfinder/DND as well. This group is based out of Gamers N Geeks in Mobile Al. and give them an A+ on room size and greeting of new people. For new players wanting to learn how to paint and play or just hang out this group may be a good place to start.

Well that is our club reviews for this trip, store reviews will be up as more details and visits happen to do a true review. Next trips will be from Hattiesburg MS and south of there. So stay tuned. Also if you know of a club or store that would like a article review please let us know so that we can do so.

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