S.M.G. Monthly Games Day 20 July 2013 FOG Tourney

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S.M.G. Monthly Games Day 20 July 2013 FOG Tourney

Post  Necron on Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:29 pm

This is a copy of the Runners and Riders for the Games Day FOG Tourny this Sat..... "Dan's Dog Fight" Hope you all will at least stop by and check us out....... Remember next month is APOC, and if you recall despite HEAVY losses my Necron Team won the last APOC ..........


Looks like we will have a good time on Sat.... Counting me as the ref, just in case, we have 10 lists submitted. The ELO range is quite nice.... It runs from not so much to WAY TOOOOO MUCH. Any way here is who we have so far....

Scott Badders
Danny Henderson Jr
Bill Sierichs
Richard Wamsley
Dan Henderson Sr.
Justin Morris
Gino Agnelly
Chris Anders
Tom Demers
Ricky Jones

BTW..... Should you play Bill, Justin, Scott, or Chris ... they get to choose terrain type before initiative is rolled as their lists were in on time Smile

Taking a page from Chris A. and Pelicon III, here are the armies and dates..... On Sat, bring a list to the ref that correctly matches the players to their army and win a "Hot Dog" ......

Here are the armies and time periods submitted ......

Xi Xia 1449 AD
Later Jewish 100 AD
Arab Conquest 640 AD
Early Successor 225 BC
Muromochi Japanese 1470 AD
Late Republican Roman 54 BC
Late Republican Roman 55 BC
Alexandrian Macedonian 328 BC
Later Seleucid 170 BC
Ordonnance French 1488 AD

Just want all ya'll who did not submit a list to know that you still have time. We have the tables, the space and the hot dogs, all we need is you!!

Dan Henderson
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