Battle Report GnG Rukkus July 28, 2013

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Battle Report GnG Rukkus July 28, 2013

Post  Necron on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:11 pm

I just want to let you all know about the GnG July Rukkus.  What a blast !!!!  Yours turly travel to Mobile yesterday and participated in the GnG July Rukkus.  I have to admit I loved the event, just loved it....Great format, Great Battle Boss, and a Great Store...

The only down side was on the way home I stopped at Wendy's for a small chilie and spilled some on my shirt Sad Oh well, I hear that is what you are supposed to do when you eat chilie in a shirt you do not want to get messed up Smile

The Rukkus format was the brain child of our Battle Boss J.D.  The setup was played on crossed tables with every one for themselves, a real free for all.  Deployments were at a table corner of you choosing when it was time for you to deploy. Deployment sequence was randomly determined by the Battle Boss and your d20 roll :)Each player had 500 points chosen from the codex as 1 HQ and 1 non-vehicular "whatever" that the HQ could join to form a single single legal codex unit.  (I ran a SwarmLord and 3 Tyrant Guards for a single legal Nid HQ)

You can find a very nice report on the Gamers n Geeks Facebook page but for your reading pleasure I have reproduced some of it here......

The Battle Board .....

Shots of the game play and the players and armies ( Pics by yours truly and Shey - The mini boss at GnG)

JD our battle boss described the action this way Smile

Congratulations to Craig for persevering in the July Rukkus!
He held off a last ditch charge by AJ's Necron Lord to gain enough points to tie with the leaders, and since he was last man the victor goes the spoils!!!! AJ had a great showing with the Necrons, but sheer amount of Orks and Chaos was enough to overwhelm him in the end, not to mention being hunted by Matts Wolves! The Grey Knights of Jacob held strong, an started accumulating points, until a nice Shokk attack from Greg's Orks ended his day pretty quick! The Rukkus startede with a clash of the titans as Dan's Swarmlord assassinated Allan's Hive Tyrant. And Daniel and Mike had a slap fight in the bowels of a building. Wes, had perfect position in the beginning to accumulate points, but apparently The Big Mek ate his Wheaties and the Shokk struck hard! Thanks to Dan for traveling from out of state, and congrats to the winners

And Our Winner was Craig...........

This was such fun I would host this again for a double elimination bracket at one of our Games Days....  I mean THIS WAS FUN !!!!!!!!

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Re: Battle Report GnG Rukkus July 28, 2013

Post  Hinkel on Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:12 pm

good review there Mr. Dan, i will def have to try this out sometime. thanks again for supporting the local clubs and sharing this info with us.

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