Monthly Games Days and FOG

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Monthly Games Days and FOG

Post  Necron on Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:24 pm

Greetings to all ..... (Now how about that start) !!!!

Just want to let you all know that I will be trying to put on FOG Demos at the next several Games Days.... Now .....

This does not include the August 17th Games Day as I will be defending my SMG APOC WarLord crown. You will remember that despite heavy losses the Necrons won the last Club APOC game. This month the team ( Dan Gino, John) will be playing Nids/orks instead of Necrons. Important to show facility with more than one army.... For August we SMG boys will be joined by several new players from Gamers and Geeks.Thus expanding our winning team. Rumor has it that we will be the hard center corps of skilled warriors that will be joined by a renegade group from the Eye of Terror ( Pat) as we rain destruction on the universe..... Oh well, but that is August and APOC....

Back to FOG ....

In Sept, I will try to interest some of you to give FOG a serious look. That will be on the 21st and we will be hot off the Hubcon Tourney in Hattiesburg on the 14th - 16th.. I know most of you will be at the 40K tourney on Sat the 15th....but maybe you can stop over and see how the FOG is going.

FOG does not cost much to get involved. Just pick a time in history that you like and you can get an Army for about $70. Painting is important in FOG play but the Fluff is great..... and real !!!!!

In Oct we will have the SMAC Average Joe Tourney and there will be lots to look at...

Then back to demos in Nov and Dec......

Hopefully in Jan with the new year I will have been able to convince 2 or 3 of you to pick up FOG as one of your regular games. You will be joining an nationally elite community of FOG gamers, some of the best in the world...

Hope you have the time and interest to stop by and give this one a try ....... It will make you famous.........or at least give you the opportunity to use that noodle you have in your head.......



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