Want to learn a new game?

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Want to learn a new game?

Post  AllmightyDM on Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:25 pm

Just for fun, I'd love to have a one or two session game where people can get a chance to play some systems I know. If we can get a few people I'll schedule a date at Macnarbs for a session.

Here's a list so pick whichever sounds good to you!
Vampire the Masquerade - play as immortal vampires in the modern world, a dark history and a darker future awaits you, this isn't Twilight, this is horror.
Werewolf the Apocalypse - the world is dying and only the werewolves can stave off doom for a time, you are the last of a dying race, so much has been lost and will not be recovered.
Mage the Ascension - you are the hunted philosophers trying to escape a world that denies your existance
Pathfinder RPG - high fantasy tactical combat, the successor to 3.5 dungeons and dragons, roll some dice!
SLA Industries - you are an agent of a merciless government, you kill for money and fame, you kill for Mr. Slayer, can you keep your sanity?

I know a bunch of other systems OK, but these I can run with minimal prep time. Here's some other systems I can run, but might take a bit of prep work.
Firefly - yes this is Serenity, get your ship, your crew, and keep on flyin'
Shadowrun - High fantasy collides with the modern world, get your crew together because there's money to be made
Anything Custom - I have this idea for a game where people play humans in the 40k universe using the owod rules, should be a very gritty game. I have also run zombie survial scenarios.

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