And They Shall Know No Fear!

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And They Shall Know No Fear!

Post  CKO on Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:06 pm

Hey, long time no see right, I know everyone has their new marine codex and is ready to rumble. This is a very powerful codex but its not as simple as buy two or three hell drakes and my win percentage goes up by 25%. Each chapter tactic requires different combos or what not so I figured I will help my fellow Astartes out by giving away some nasty things that will help you win.

First off Karl my brother from Deliverance you have a lot to be happy about with your Chapter Tactic. Free scout is really good considering the best unit in the codex in my opinion is bike squads with grav guns. Grav guns are salvo 2/3 but because bikes are relentless they will always shoot 3 shots, but 6 shoots is not game changing so lets buy a combi-grav for 9 shots. So you can scout move 12 your turn move 12 again than have a 18 inch gun range and 9 grav shots at practically anything on the board! You can go the cheap route and get this unit for 103 points or you can make them a troop choice for 145 points(captain or master on bike).

Hold on but wait a faq just came out the Command squad can now take special weapons, lets put them on bikes give all 5 of them grav guns and you have 15 grav gun shots, at any unit on the board nothing is safe from the shadows! However lets make the unit even scarier lets say the monstrous creature survives highly unlikely but give all the vets melta bombs. The monstrous creature will charge you but grav guns have the concusive rule he is striking at initiative 1 so between over watch with 15 grav shots and 5 melta bombs you should kill it.

I am dissecting the book now what Chapter should I do next?

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Re: And They Shall Know No Fear!

Post  AllmightyDM on Wed Oct 23, 2013 1:42 pm

I saw Carl's bike's on Tuesday at Macnarb's, that's ALOT of bikes!

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