The Slumbering Tsar - (Pathfinder RPG Compatible)

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The Slumbering Tsar - (Pathfinder RPG Compatible)

Post  AllmightyDM on Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:27 pm

Any of you that follow my posts know that I read alot of Pathfinder material and in my home games I typically shy away from 3PP (third-party publishing). After some rave reviews on the Paizo forums I finally decided to check out the Slumbering Tsar, an approximately 1,000 page adventure, and so far its been one suprise after another. The company that put this product out is called Frog God games (formerly Necromancer games, formerly something else) and they put out alot of old classic Dungeons and Dragons adventures and materials. What they also do is upgrade those adventures to the more popular current systems ie. Pathfinder RPG. I absolutely love Pathfinder Adventure Paths, which is why it is suprising that this mega adventure blows alot of them out of the park. Its an open design location based adventure where players are free to roam around at their own pace so long as they can survive the harsh environment. All of their skills will be put to use, but more than that it breaks the mold of some things DM's might take for granted. Its definitely old school and will require alot of out of the box thinking, but might be too challenging for players new to gaming. The first of its 14 chapters is free to download and read from Paizo's web site as well as the Frog God Games homepage.

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