Adepticon 2014

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Adepticon 2014

Post  CKO on Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:50 pm

I am back!!!! Twisted Evil 

Long time no see, did you guys miss me? I know the answer, anyways who is going to Adepticon this year? I really want to go for the first time and I want to win some more notoriety for South Mississippi Gamers. I need a lot of play testing I don't even know what I am going to run. No I just wanted to get the ball rolling really early this year.

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Re: Adepticon 2014

Post  AArdvark085 on Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:25 am

As far as I know the travel team is staying close to home in 2014. There has been some talk of the Las Vegas Open but no-one has laid down any money towards going; I don't even think we are going to WarGamesCon this year. The plan is to support Regional events such as Coastal Assault, Redstone Rumble and maybe the ATC. We are also helping the GNG guys get ready for the Alabama Cage match by playing against them in pre-Cage tournaments. The club has two events left this year. The Left Over Rumble 16 Nov and Tanks and Titans 07 Dec other than that we are going to hang out at McNarbs, Jaks and Gamer's and Geeks in Mobile. We will be hosting two events next year one in the summer probably in June and the Left Over Rumble the weekend after Thanksgiving 2014.

As for me in 2014, I am going to implement a spending freeze and concentrate on building what I have and making terrain tables.

Some of those guys from Ft Walton maybe going to Adepticon but I don't know of anyone else.

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