S.M.G. 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge and FOG

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S.M.G. 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge and FOG

Post  Necron on Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:00 am

Well Guys -

This entry does not quite fill all the requirements to be listed in the HPC for 2014 but I did want to keep you all up on where I am painting and with the game of FOG.  The US Team Tournament is this month in Tx and I will be attending for the first time.  I will be playing as part of the 4 man team South Mississippi Armies of Conquest (SMAC).  As some of you know in 40K I play Necrons, and Buggs, but have one of the oldest and most complete Marine armies in the Club.  In FOG I play several Japanese armies ranging in time periods from 1100 BCE to 1550 AD.  Well for the Team Tournament thought I would try something new.  So in Dec I started a Mycenaean Greek army.  You know them as the fellas that sacked Troy.  As Generals I have King Agamemnon, Helen's husband, Old Nestor and Achilles.   Any way here is the product of 6 weeks of painting.  You all know how I feel about painting so here goes the pic report.

Just list the pics ......  
Gates of Troy and the Horse

King Agamemnon

Helen's Husband

Old Nestor


Two Chariot Battle groups

Nestor's Legions 2 Battle Groups

Rest of the Army, Offensive Spear,  Impact Foot, and Light Foot units

I hope you liked the army.   Over time my painting is improving.  I am hopeful that we will bring the US Team Trophy home to where it belongs.

Thanks for looking


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Re: S.M.G. 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge and FOG

Post  Hinkel on Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:50 pm

Nice work there mr dan

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