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SMG's TauMongoose - Pathfinder Team 5- Warhammer 40k Kill Teams Tau story and breakdown

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Pathfinder Team 5 of the Dense Environment Contingent Commune (199)
Pathfinder Team 5 has recently finished its Cohesion Training, and after the experience, underwent the Ta’lissera. Now the strife to show that a smaller team has a greater chance at going unnoticed and can slip behind enemy lines for the optimum Pathfinder position.
4x  2  3 3 3 1 2 1 7 5+
Photon Grenades (Shot at within 8”, Stealth)
Scout / Supporting Fire / Bonding Knife
Shas’la Sa’cea Voda
Youngest member of the team, Voda was sought out by the Pathfinders for his excellent skill in handling the Devilfish transport under extreme conditions
Pulse Carbine
18” S5 AP5 Assault 2
36” S- AP- Heavy 1 (pg68)
Shas’la Fal’shia Hrcak
The oldest member of the team, Hrcak tested new prototype weapons from his sept world. His luck with the gear also helped him win the lottery selection for becoming a Pathfinder
(Relentless) (fire heavy weapons even when moving)
Ion Rifle
30” S7 AP4 Rapid Fire
30” S8 AP4 Heavy 1 / Blast / Gets Hot!
Shas’la Bork’an Istrazivac
Only a few Tau’cyr older than Voda, Istrazivac is a member of a well known section of Sept Bork’an, and after his request to transfer to the Pathfinders was approved, Istrazivac received a priced Rail Rifle in order to further Bork’an’s efforts towards the Greater Good.
Master Crafted Rail Rifle
30” S6 AP1 Rapid Fire (RR 1 To Hit)
Shas’la Vior’la Drzak
Drzak is older than Istrazivac, but his attitude makes him seem younger than Voda. Drzak pursued a transfer to the Pathfinders in order to prove his fellow Shas were not giving their all to the Greater Good. His superiors saw an escape from Drzak’s insubordinance and gladly pushed for his transfer.
(Preferred Enemy) (RR all 1s)
Rail Rifle
30” S6 AP1 Rapid Fire

Devilfish Transport
 3 12 11 10 3
Burst Cannon
18” S5 AP5 Assault 4
Twin-Linked Smart Missile System
30” S5 AP5 Heavy 4 / Homing / Ignore Cover
Sensor Spines (MTC)
Disruption Pod (+1 Cover)
Blacksun Filter (Night Fighting)

Pathfinder Team 5 of the Dense Environment Contingent Commune Data Report
Entry 1: To conserve time and resources, I have volunteered to take on the duties of filing out the Data Reports, as my comrades have specialized weapons to maintain.

On our first missions to uncolonized worlds, our mission was one of stealth. However, when we arrived, we found a minimal amount of resistance on these planets and took it upon ourselves to remove any such opposition. What we encountered appeared to be different bands of the Imperium of Man.

On our first hostile encounter, we found what we believed was a grey colored Space Marine squad. If my memory serves me, they call themselves ‘Grey Nights’. With a squad as large as theirs, they outnumbered us nearly 3 to 1. Shas’la Istrazivac suggested we employ the Mont’ka tactics and ambush them from a different position than where they spotted us, but as the pilot of our Devilfish, I disagreed when I surveyed the low lying land. We immediately disembarked and engaged the squad while they were still establishing a secure zone. However, when I scanned the surrounding area after our initial volley of fire, I spotted one of these Nights behind us with a rather large weapon pointed at us, a wall of fire hit us, and myself and Shas’la Hrcak took serious injuries. When we came to inside the Devilfish later, Shas’la Drzak informed us that after the Grey Nights returned fire on us, that he alone had to pilot the Devilfish after he dragged us inside, he followed the ways of the Mont’ka and managed to widdle the opposition to nothing before tending to us. I have learned a lesson on this. Reconnaissance of the area before engaging is crucial to staying alive when serving the Greater Good.

Our second encounter proved to be less painful when we encountered a small unit of Space Marines riding giant wolves. We had found a tall ruin, many stories high and sought to use this location to further our exploration. After checking the area as quietly as we could, we engaged from the far side of the building from these ‘Space Wolves’, however when we approached, their wolves caught the scent of our ion discharge and they quickly took to the cover of the building. One of their riders sought to encircle us though, and we engaged him as quickly as we could. We disembarked and let out a volley of fire, with only a return whimper from the beast. He quickly joined the rest of his unit. Without a clear line of sight on the opposition, we gathered back onto the Devilfish, and quickly approached from another angle, this proved to give us a clear line of sight and we brought down the great wounded beast. With the rest of the unit still crowding behind the ruin, we approached a strange item on the ground, but when we got there, the wolves disbursed from hiding and 2 of them seemed to gather around another mystery. Realizing then what the Wolves were doing behind the building, I sent the Devilfish on remote, and brought their sensors into my HUD. I sent the Devilfish as quickly as I could to analyze this artifact that the 2 Wolves went for, and then I would send it behind the building when the analysis is complete. I attempted to use my Markerlight on the Wolves to give my comrades a better shot, but my weapon appeared to be malfunctioning. Luckily, my comrades had better luck with their weapons and took another beast down. After the lone wolf pounced on the oncoming Devilfish, the sensors were malfunctioning from the severe damage. I had faith in my comrades that they could kill this wolf, and sent the Devilfish to maybe scare off the last Space Wolf that was hiding behind the building. My faith confirmed, the last wolf in the open fell dead on its comrade. When the Devilfish arrived to the coordinates I inputted, the sensors finally gave out. The vehicle was still running, though, as the ion levels were still flowing. When we arrived to the Devilfish, we discovered the last wolf was missing. We patched the Devilfish with spare parts and left the area quickly encase the stranger went to gather friends.

On our latest event, we sought out a hill in the distance that may give us a good place to sleep for 2 Decs. When we arrived, we encountered a strange squad of horned Marines. I don’t remember much of these humans, other than that they are constantly at battle with their brothers. I determined that this squad is probably the reason we encountered the other units in battle. They must have been hunting each other on this abandoned planet. Without taking chances, we engaged quickly, disembarking and firing on their green transport. In our excitement and exhausted state, however, we were unable to affect the vehicle. These horned humans came out of their transport and appeared undaunted by our firepower as they ran towards us. Their vehicle began smoking and one of their number fired a vicious shot at our Devilfish, temporarily short-circuiting its systems. We quickly returned fire on this human and he was laid to rest on the ground. We then made short work of their vehicle, with a great explosion. While they glanced back at the devastation, we shot them all and returned them to their gods.

We have made our rest on this hilltop, made our repairs, checked our weapons. We are at 80% ammo and supplies. After we break camp, we will continue exploring this world until we receive further orders or complete our mission.

For the Greater Good
Shas’la Sa’cea Voda

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