Volstok Campaign Part 2

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Volstok Campaign Part 2

Post  Dr. Hans Zarkov on Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:08 am


Captain Parodis took the long blonde hair that had fallen into his eyes and calmly pulled it back over his scalp. "Repeat the message over the comms."  The servitor pilot pressed several buttons and brought up the decoded imperial message. A woman's voice came over the ships comms and the audio filled the bridge.

Emperor's Grace, this is space station gamma 117, you are two weeks and four days overdue. Report.

"Was the message sent as a directed communication?" Parodis asked with a puzzled face as he stared into space.

"Negative, replied the servitor in a rough, grinding, metallic voice, the message was spread through out space with no discernible target."

"Give me stats on The Emperor's Grace." They weren't acting as a lighthouse to a ship off course, they were searching for it.

A hologram replica of the Emperor's Grace appeared in the middle of the bridge. The captain highlighted different parts of the ship by touch which brought up stats that scrolled above the hologram. He keyed in on the most important information. The ship is a cargo ship responsible for delivering food to the hive world Volstok. The trip from the farm world was short enough not to require a warp jump so a warp mishap was out of the question.

"So when did we start caring about ships carrying frozen food?" Parodis looked back and saw his lover and first officer Valacia. The Eldar was lithe, even for her race and Parodis swore she only touched the ground when she wanted to. She had dusky skin and her hair was dyed bone white and braided into a pony tail. Flanking her was Captain Parodis' bodyguard and best friend Grif. Grif was an Ogryn that Parodis had won in a bet. He was a champion gladiator and his former employee was sad to see him go. So sad it appeared that he killed himself, or that's how Parodis stage it anyway. Grif was obliviously cleaning his finger nails with a knife longer than an average man's femur.

"Fruit ships are just as good as ships filled with gems and precious metals my love. Only the rich can buy golden necklaces and diamond rings, everyone needs food. It's a lot harder to trace where an apple came from than a fancy piece of art, especially when its passed through the black market. Not that they would care. Peoples toil fuels the empire and food fuels the people, especially when there's not enough food grown on the planet to feed a dog. Food is money, the ships is money, the parts on the ship is money, and to slave traders, the people are money. We will find this missing ship and if it's off course we will take a reward for finding it and guiding it home and if we find it and its crippled or damaged.....well" Capitan Parodis smiled.
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