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Selling Chaos Space Marines Empty Selling Chaos Space Marines

Post  SiegfriedWylder on Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:25 pm

As stated in the title, I'm attempting to sell off the small Chaos Space Marines collection that I have.  I'm seeing if I can find anyone interested in them here before I go and post them on eBay.  Most of the models are already assembled and painted in the colors of the Black Legion.  I used Citadel Light glue, so removing parts and gluing on more shouldn't be an issue.  I can also give you all the sprues and paint I have left from whenever I put them together in case anyone would need/want them.  Here's a list of what I'm trying to get rid of:

 -Codex: Chaos Space Marines (6th edition)  [$50.00 MSRP]
 -1x Chaos Terminator Lord  (with power axe and combi-bolter)  [$24.75 MSRP]
 -10x Chaos Space Marines Troops  (all sporting chainswords and bolt pistols.  One CSM is carrying an icon that was originally Slaanesh, but I removed the icon to leave the option open.  The Aspiring Champion is equipped with a plasma pistol and power sword)  [$37.25 MSRP]
 -1x Maulerfiend  (with magma cutters.  I didn't glue on the exhaust pipes because it didn't appeal to me)  [$66.00 MSRP]
 -5x Raptors/Warptalons (these are still on the sprues and unpainted, though I did prime them with Abaddon Black primer)  [$33.00 MSRP]
-Psychic powers cards (Warhammer 40k rulebook powers)

I'm hoping to sell the whole lot for around $140.  I don't really know what to price them at so I'll work with offers should any come up.  I can post pictures if anyone is interested, as well.

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