Scars of Caen Season 1 Charsaug!

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Scars of Caen Season 1 Charsaug!

Post  Hinkel on Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:31 pm

Location: maCnarB Gaming 2307 Hwy 90 Gautier, MS 39553
Date and Time: March 3-30, you can play or join any day any time during this period.
Entry Fee: $15 but allows for an extra 10% off Warmachine/Hordes product and supplies in store, along with free entry to a 35 pt tournament after.

The 2014 league is upon us friends!

Will you be an Opportunist, or a Purist?! Once you sign up for a side, you're stuck with it for the first season, Charsaug. After Charsaug ends, you'll be able to change sides.

Be careful in your choice, as each army gets a "Charred" version of one of it's warjack/warbeasts, each with different benefits to the Opportunist and Purist sides.

The league officially starts March 3, but Friday will be our first big day of play.

Check out the official rules at

Feel free to message either Press Ganger Kevin or Hinkel with any questions. We will be up there on the 3rd to get things set up and kicked off, so feel free to get some games with your favorite Press Gangers!!

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