My first Finecast figure

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My first Finecast figure

Post  grots life on Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:28 pm

I opened up my first ever Finecast figure today. It's a painboy to "improve" my ork army. Two things I noticed right off the bat. 1. These models don't weigh anything. I absolutely love them over metal figures. I hope I never have to build another metal model ever again ever (except for the few unassembled ones I already have.) and 2. The amount of flash on this guy is amazing. With all the resin flash I trimmed off of it, I could easily have cast a second painboy. Quality control (on this one Finecast figure I have) is dismal. Oh yeah, it also doesn't fit in the slotta base that is provided. I will have to either trim the base or the model to get him to stand up. It did go together well and I'll have to wait to see if the super glue gel I used on it will hold up over time but overall, I am very happy with it. Is it over priced? Oh yes, Games Workshop are greedy &%$^%'s. I'm looking forward to Kromlech coming out with more figures.
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