My Emerald Wolves Fluff! :)

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My Emerald Wolves Fluff! :)

Post  EmeraldWolf on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:57 am

“Sit down wee little ones while this old skald tells the tale of the Ninth Great Company of the Space Wolves, also know as the Emerald Wolves, or even Russ’s Children of Éire! It was long ago...”

A group of tribes made up of warriors, farmers, and artisans, who dominated a single volcanic island chain on Fenris gave birth to some great warriors, many of whom were selected to join who they believed were the gods of their world, the sky warriors. The island chain were watched by the gods who disfavored the alliance but had watched it grow out of curiosity. As is well known, the time of fire and ice is a dangerous time of year on Fenris. The Sea Wolf swallows islands dragging them down to the deep where sea dragons and krakens dwell. Also is the Fire Wolf known to cover whole islands in dreadful burning ash; so it is that the people of proud Fenris are weary to cling to land during this time. Not the Children of Éire a nation of tribes banded together to defend this island that clung to life for near a millennium! A rarity on Fenris, but it was not the shifting of the World Wolf that brought these tribes to their knees. It was CHAOS!!!(ALL CAPS RAGE!)

Our hero of this saga, Jhonár of the Stormdragon tribe, and his brother Fáelán, had in battle slain many rivals of the nation for it had no shortage of enemies and would-be usurpers. The brothers were unstoppable, until the day when Fáelán had decided to travel to the boiling sea to seek the gods favor and learn to command the iron as they do. Jhonár had been upset but understood, as he could never hope to tame iron as his brother could, and vowed that they would meet in the halls of the gods in Asaheim. It was Jhonár who had joined with the men to seek out a foul dweller on their home island who sought to commune with the foul masters of the warp. The enemies of the nation had sent a practitioner or foul majick to claim the islands for the rivals. This was foreseen in the runes and the sky warriors themselves sought find this worshiper of chaos and claim his life for Russ and the Allfather. However the dark gods grant terrible gifts and those gifts may even rival the might of a sky warrior, even on his best day.

Engir Krakendoom and five of his chosen went on the hunt for the deamon kisser. Engir, who risked giving no inch of Fenris to deamons of the warp had met wit the band of tribals and commissioned them all into the Aett Guard. Many hundrend of men and boys, who had gripped an axe since they could crawl, scoured the islands for the foul sorcerer. After two bitter nights of relentless hunting, young Jhonár had found a trail. He had led Engir and his Wolf Guard right to the one who gives into deamons. A savage fight broke loose and the sorcerer had let loose a horde of furies that swept through the island chains and Krakendooms Great Company laid hell on the islands sparing no deamon. Though the battle was swift the sorcerer had killed two of Engir’s Wolf Guard. In the fray Engir was thrown by the sorcerers majick, and while he had focused on killing the gods young Jhonár had picked up Engirs spear the Krakenkiller, and hurled it through the dress wearing deamon lovers heart. That practitioner of the foulest arts spent the last of his deamon favor on punishing the young boy and sought to steal his life. The islands wailed in the Fire Wolf’s sorrow as they begain to errupt in flames and ash, and Engir could not allow the nation to be destroyed as they had proved to be worthy of Russ. Engir had as much as the islands population evacuated as he could fit into his Thunderhawks.

Upon arrival in Asaheim he inducted those too old to be considered to be potential Space Wolves into the Aett Guard with honors. Young Jhonár was carried personally to the Wolf Priests by Engir, for he foresaw great things in the boy, who went into the camp at Russvek still bearing scars from his heroic fight. In the test of Morkai, Jhonár, shivering with naught but his knife is said to have survived by becoming the alpha of a fenrisian wolf pack and hunting with them until he had brought them and him self back to the gates of Asaheim, howling the Song of the Wolves Law, from that day he was known as Jhonár Wolfslaw. In the years that would come Jhonár was reunited with his brother who had become an accomplished Iron Priest.

The Shear number of successful recruits from the islands of Éire had placed the lot of them in reserve awaiting open positions with other companies. But as if Russ’s will it self would’ve willed, Engir had chosen Jhonár to study directly under him and his Wolf Guard, and in the years that followed Engir had pulled his replacements strictly from the Children of Éire who had survived the tests. Engir had favored Jhonár to lead under him when Logan Grimnar had chosen Jhonár and the remaining Children of Éire to be the replacements for Svengars lost company. Sent on their first assignment along side Engir into the Dead Star sub-sector which lay just beyond the Wolves territory to defend the newly colonized sub-sector from dark eldar raids.

It's in this action that the Emerald Wolves of Jhonár Wolfslaw’s Great Company first dug their teeth in and learned the joy of the murder-make against the knife ears.

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