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Marines for sale Empty Marines for sale

Post  Dr. Hans Zarkov on Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:38 pm

I'm selling my marine army. Seeing if anyone here is interested before I go on Ebay.

In the army

All fully painted and flocked
All marines have metal shoulder pads
Some conversions

Three Rhinos
TL lascannon Razorback
Two land speeder tornados
Three Dreadnoughts
Two LAS/Auto predators

Ten metal ccw scouts
Ten Metal bolter scouts
Ten Metal/plastic sniper scouts
At least twenty ccw/bp marines
At least twenty bolter marines
Ten Jump pack marines
Several "sergeants" with power fists

Captain on Bike

Three lascannon marines
Two scouts with ML
One scout with HB
Eight ML marines
Two PC marines
Two flamer marines
Six Meltagun marines
Four plasma marines
Two heavy bolter marines

Take advantage of this editions MSU

Dr. Hans Zarkov
Dr. Hans Zarkov

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