SMG -maCnarB Gaming 4th of July - Warmahordes Guts & Gears “King of the Hill"

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SMG -maCnarB Gaming 4th of July - Warmahordes Guts & Gears “King of the Hill"

Post  Hinkel on Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:10 pm

maCnarB Gaming
2307 Highway 90 Gautier, Mississippi

4:00PM 4th of July

This event will be right after the 40k event, so you table toppers bring both armies to this fun day

Guts & Gears “King of the Hill”
What: Caster King of the Hill one day event. Rules are as follows:
Force: One Prime or Epic caster/lock from any faction (Jr./Journeyman caster/locks can also be chosen). Do not worry too much about "maxing out", all casters/locks will be limited to six focus per turn, period. No focus/fury boosts are allowed to push them past your base six. No caster units allowed at the start of the game example “Butcher 3 dogs”. Each player must take one heavy 'jack/warbeast of no more than10 points.

Board: Table is divided into four quadrants with a central terrain piece in the center.

Objective: Be the last caster/lock standing. Player MUST move to the central terrain piece and make base contact with at least their caster/lock. Afterwards, you can then choose to attack any of the other players on the board. You can attack and damage anyone once you have touched the central terrain piece yourself. You can attack before you touch the center terrain piece, however you cannot damage anyone UNTIL you yourself have touched the central terrain piece. Last caster/lock standing wins the round. And the final objective: have fun and meet new players.

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