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Post  Kenshinx79 on Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:17 pm

I'm willing to split this up. I'm looking for about 50% retail. Trying to get rid of some stuff. If you are interested please contact me at 251-232-1349 or at Thanks of looking!

Noise Marines x8
NIB x1 with blaster master
Blaster master x1 4 normal reg.
Sargeant x2
Obliterator x4 (older metal ones)
Chaos Marines x21
Sargeant x3 (with power fists)
Chaos Marines x5 ( with plasma guns)
Chaos Marines with flamers x2
Chaos Lord x1 (with power weapon and plasma pistol)
Chaos Marine x1 Icon with plasma pistol
Iron warriors chaos space marines x8 (plasma gun x1 las cannon)
Sargeant with power fist
Warp smith (with combi-melta)
Khorn berzerkers x17
Chaos terminators x18 various outloads (metal)
Chaos havoc (squad heavy bolters) x15
Missile launchers x4
Las cannon x 5
Chaos space marine raptors x10 NIB(metal)
Land raider x 2
Chaos space marines bikers x10
Chaos lord NIB typhus x1
Abaddond the despoiler x1
Blood thirster x1


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Chaos For Sale Empty Re: Chaos For Sale

Post  Hinkel on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:35 pm


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