40K ARMIES & TACTICA THUNDERWOLF SPAM A Thought Experiment & Analysis by Astra Chaos Wolf Blog

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40K ARMIES & TACTICA THUNDERWOLF SPAM A Thought Experiment & Analysis by Astra Chaos Wolf Blog

Post  Hinkel on Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:35 pm



A Thought Experiment & Analysis

The purpose of this list.
In my quest to build a competitive Thunderwolf army I have decided to start with the basics: to come up with a list that spams as much Thunderwolf cavalry as possible into a tournament style list. From there I am hoping to get an idea of where the weaknesses and strengths of such an army is and start to put together a stronger, more competitive list afterwards. As a side note I promise not to use any of those annoying images of Spam cans in this article.

Think of this list as a thought experiment and not as a netlist to copy and paste. I am attempting to find a solid place to begin for my competitive Thunderwolf list construction, so why not begin with the the extreme example? I have made one Thunderwolf list before, right after the new codex dropped, and you can see it here. While I like that list and I want to play that list, I'm not quite so sure that it is competitive enough for tournament play. I would love to be proved wrong though.

The rest of this great article is in the link below.


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Re: 40K ARMIES & TACTICA THUNDERWOLF SPAM A Thought Experiment & Analysis by Astra Chaos Wolf Blog

Post  Dat Guy da Knight'boss on Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:37 am

Ugh... Facing that list would suck. Most of my lists simply wouldn't be able to cut it. My Tau would be a toss up. As I am a firm practitioner in the ancient and forgotten ways of the rail-rifle / plasma rifle Broadside, your 3++ saves and first turn would decide most of the game.

The list I'm looking at currently would bring Broadsides & drones with:
6 Str8 AP1 at 60"
24 Str7 AP4 at 36"
6/12 Str6 AP2 at 24/12"

With the 2 Riptides, R'Varna, and Y'Vahra adding:
2 / 4 Str7 AP4 large blasts at 60" (each hit multiplying into 2 hits against your cavalry models)
8 / 12 Str6 AP4 at 36" (rending if Nova charged)
8 Str 5 AP5 at 30"
3 Str7 AP2 at 72" (or a Str8 / 9 AP2 large blast if your wolves were bunched up nicely)
3 Str 8 AP3 with Blind at 12"
2 Str 6 AP2 templates with a 6" torrent.

Nothing would be strong enough to cause Instant Death to your cavalry, but ample AP1 and 2 to give your Storm Shields a workout (Save the unlikely Smash attacks from my class 10 XVs). With so many TWC though, it would only be a matter of time before that tidal wave of thunderhammers crashed upon my Tau shores.

On the other side of the coin, I like the list. It's probably very close to what I would play were I an Imperial dog (pun intended). Wink Yes, it's lacking flyers; but aside from a dedicated Necron list with nothing but Deathscythes or an IG (AM) Vendetta list, I don't see that really being an issue. Even so, your 3++ saves will allow you to weather a great deal of fire.

Perhaps we'll get to test this when I get back...

Dat Guy da Knight'boss

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