Some of my terrain. Pic heavy.

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Some of my terrain. Pic heavy.

Post  Warsmith on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:06 am

I like to immerse myself in the story or as 7th ed would state "Forge the Narrative".  I like for every game/battle to tell a story and to that end Nothing makes a game (to me anyway) like painted armies on themed battlefields.   To that end I make terrain that inspires me.

Here is some of the Terrain I have built.
" />
An arctic river

" />
Hab Blocks

" />
Hab Blocks + Industrial piping station

" />
Trench warfare

" />
Super fast & Cheap city fight.

" />
Remote Imperial Outpost

" />
World ravaged by Tyranids

Frozen Apocalypse. Marines Vs Tyranids.


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