Painted Super Dungeon Explore set

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Painted Super Dungeon Explore set

Post  Warsmith on Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:12 pm

As the title says I have for sale or trade a Super Dungeon Explore set with several add-ons.


List of what's in this lot.
Super Dungeon Explore Deluxe set
Caverns of Roxor
Rock top gang**
Fire flow Denizens**
Von Drakk Manor**(no longer availble)
Soda Master Candy (special release)
Nyan Nyan
3 alternate sculpts for models ( War Duke, Shifty Rogue, Dark Mage)
PvP arena mat.

** designates unpainted. All Heroes (including alternate sculpts) are painted, just not the monsters
Retail price is around $390.00
Anyone interested PM me with offers

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