TBS Comic's - Battle in the Warp - Random Team 40k ITC Event

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TBS Comic's - Battle in the Warp - Random Team 40k ITC Event

Post  Hinkel on Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:18 am

TBS Comic's - Battle in the Warp - Random Team 40k ITC Event link -


1000 Points per person
This is an ITC Event
ITC Format

$10 a person

TBS Comics
550 Mary Esther Blvd #5
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548

May 9 at 9:00am doors open 10:00am Start

****This will be a battle point event - NOT Win Loss*****

Points will be as posted below as an example -
Your team scores 10 points, you both get 10 points to go to the next round. Your opponent scores 1 point, then they both get 1 point going into the next round. Then you get a new team mate round two.

Teams will be random Round 1 and then teams will be paired Lowest to highest round two and so own. No Duplicate partners but opponents can be duplicate. Each person has their own battle points



Gulf Coast Gaming Alliance link -
This group is one group were all the local clubs and stores have united to post info and events and a place mainly to keep all the people in the tabletop community working together. Alot of us travel and play at other stores so with this we can fall under one banner and help each other out as needed..

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