Gamers Paradise Spring GT ITC Event

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Gamers Paradise Spring GT ITC Event Empty Gamers Paradise Spring GT ITC Event

Post  Hinkel on Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:27 am

Gamers Paradise Spring GT ITC Event link -

Gulf Coast Wargaming Alliance link -

Gamers Paradise LLC
17540 Airline Highway, Suite G&H, Prairieville, Louisiana 70769

19 April 2015 @ 9:00am

Entry: $15

100% of the entry fee return as prize support.

Doors open at 9:00
Sign ups at 9:30
First Dice at 10:00

Round 1 10:00-12:30
Lunch 12:45-1:15
Round 2 1:30-4:00
Round 3 4:15-6:45

Army List Guidelines for the ITC 2015 40K Season

• 1,850pts
• Battle Forged armies, only. No Unbound lists.
• An army may be built using up to two Detachments.
• An army may not have a duplicate of any Detachment.
Note: This includes “Decurion Style” Detachments which are comprised of multiple data slates and Formations. They may not take duplicate Formations within the Detachment, although they make take duplicate Data Slate units within the Detachment if permitted to do so.
• An allied Detachment may be the same faction as the Primary Detachment.
• A Detachment may not be included in an army if it is Come the Apocalypse allies with another Detachment in the army.
• All current source material is allowed, including GW Codexes, Data Slates, Formations, and current Forge World units and army lists. Please note, Experimental and Horus Heresy/30K Forge World units are not allowed.
• Regardless of Detachments, no more than 1 Fortification or Super Heavy/Gargantuan Lord of War may be taken, chosen from the following list of allowed units.
Tournament Format
• ITC events use a W/L/D format with Swiss pairings.
• Each mission has 2 Win Conditions worth 4 points each, and 3 Bonus Points as defined in the mission packet. The player that achieves the most points during the course of the game is the winner. Both players note their mission points.
In the case of both players having the same amount of mission points, the game is scored as a tie.
• The winner adds 100 to their mission points to determine their total battle score. The loser adds nothing to their mission points. In the case of a tie, both players add 50 points to their mission points to determine their total battle score.
Example 1: Player A defeats Player B, 7 mission points to 4. Player A’s total battle score would be 107 and player B’s would be 4.
Example 2: Player C ties Player D, 5 mission points to 5. Both of their battle scores would be 55.
The purpose of adding the points is to stratify the field based on their W/L/D records to allow for easy Swiss pairings. Simply pair players with the highest scores, working your way down. By adding 100 and 50, accumulated mission points mission points will never trump a player’s battle score.
• The player with the highest battle score at the end of the tournament is the tournament champion.

Modeling and Painting

• At this time painted armies are NOT required.
• All models are expected to be WYSIWYG to a reasonable standard. Exceptions will be made for themed units or armies.

Gulf Coast Gaming Alliance link -
This group is one group were all the local clubs and stores have united to post info and events and a place mainly to keep all the people in the tabletop community working together. Alot of us travel and play at other stores so with this we can fall under one banner and help each other out as needed.

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