Massive orc army for sale!

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Massive orc army for sale!

Post  Umbranex on Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:59 pm

Hey everyone I have an orc army that is for sale. Hoping to get 900 for it but the price is negotiable.

Here is the army list. There are a couple other models that are not included in the list because they are damaged and will be thrown in along with the rest.

Orc army images

(sorry im not sure how best to put the images on here since there is no direct upload it seems... so that is an imgur link with 12 photos of the army) Very Happy


72 Choppas

28 Shootas

29 Grots

1 Grot herder

9 stikkbomz

8 Storm boyz

11 Big shootas

3 Lootas

23 Nobz

5 Commandos

6 Burna boyz

11 Tank bustas

4 War bosses

1 Kaptin Badrukk


2 Grot tanks (Forgeworld)

4 Buggies

5 Trucks

1 Looted rhino


1 Stompa (Forgeworld parts)


2 Def dreads

4 Killer kanz


4 Bikes


5 Def koptas


3 Artillery


Infantry 211

Vehicles 13

Stompa 1

Walkers 6

Bikes 4

Koptas 5

Artillery 3

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