Space Wolves 7th Great Company VS. Knights Errant

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Space Wolves 7th Great Company VS. Knights Errant

Post  EmeraldWolf on Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:23 pm

This was a vanguard mission out of battle missions, it started with my whirlwind ,my terminators, my Wolf guard battle leader a six man squad of grey hunters and my wolf scouts on the field and waiting for my other 2 grey hunters to drop pod in. Well this was doomed from the start as i spred my self out allowing his land raider redeemer to pick off my fielded units at leisure. Also my second drop pod mishapped an was delayed add that to my bad rolls and this spelled disaster. The only other opportunity i had to snatch victory was thrown to the wolves when i rolled 1 and missed with my melta gun and failed to blow up his land raider. This was a total loss for me with little casualties for Andrews Kights Errant. Kudos to Andrew, as the models he had painted and converted were superb! Btw he does commission painting so look him up! Thanks Andrew for a fun game!

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