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Post  jkpz28 on Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:11 am

Looking to down size just a tad to pickup some Grey Knights, I will be at Jaks on Sunday around noon so if anyone is interested you can check them out. Ill be the tall hefty fellow named Justin

First off I'm no pro painter but I would consider these to be good from what Ive seen out there

Commander Farsight and 3 Crisis Suit Bodyguards (I didn't paint these but I did touch them up a bit)
Commander Farsight GW$35.00
Crisis Suit GW$25.00 (they are three to the right of farsight that are Black red and silver)
Crisis Suit GW$25.00
Crisis Suit GW$25.00
* Sorry I didn't get Gun Drones when I picked these up but I do have some bits for them. $110.00 but minus $15.00 for Gun Drones would be $95.00 GW price, I would take $85.00 or trade for Grey Knight Terminators plus Grey Knights
Some Tau For Sale 2011-10-19203203

Kroot Squad 1 - Painted and Based
11 Kroot GW$32.09 (took off the cost of 1 Kroot since I put him with another unit)
2 Hounds GW$14.00
1 Shaper GW$11.50
*So brand new un-assembled / unpainted totals $57.59, I'm asking $45.00 for the unit or a set of Grey Night Terminators
Some Tau For Sale 2011-10-19202905

Kroot Squad 2 - Painted and Based
13 Kroot GW$37.92 (added the cost of 1 Kroot since I put an extra in this unit, the one in the front is one I designated as a shaper since he is unique with his peg leg mad from a Tau bonding knife, lol)
*Asking $30.00 or trade for Grey Knights
Some Tau For Sale 2011-10-19202854

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