Hordes/warmachine faction guides for mkII

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Hordes/warmachine faction guides for mkII

Post  Man-of-War on Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:50 pm

These are brief summaries I've found on the privateerpress forum that I know would help out anyone that's trying to eventually pick a Hordes/warmachine faction. These are descriptions of each and not full blown reviews. This is to help out new comers to the game.. I'll start with Hordes then I'll go warmachine next... The only thing it laks is minions which I'll probably have to add from another article elsewhere.


Trollbloods are a people without a home. Driven from their lands, betrayed by other nations, they are a wandering people who have taken up sword and shield to carve a new home for themselves...and ensure that no one will ever take it from them again. They are wildly diverse, from forest dwelling kriel warriors to former cygnar military officers, but they all share an incredible ability to adapt, and an even more tenacious desire to survive.

Trollblood Melee: Accurate and fairly powerful, with the right support there is no enemy that the Trollblood infantry cannot hit, and when harnessing the power of their beasts, the infantry can achieve extraordinary levels of damage. They aren't the most agile troops around, but their heavy armor and tough disposition make them hard to put down.

Trollblood Ranged: Using high caliber but often cumbersome weapons, the ranged power of the trollbloods often relies on their allies to set up their targets for a ranged assault. Not as accurate as many armies, but very powerful when they connect, and they have the same toughness as their infantry counterparts.

Trollblood Warlocks: Resourceful and tenacious, Trollblood warlocks are as varied as they come . They enhance their army with magical might, and can often take the battle to the enemy themselves, yet others rely on ranged attacks to kill enemies from afar, or warp chance itself in their armies favor. But no matter how they do it, increasing the effectiveness of their army is the main aim of every Warlock.

Trollblood Magic: Trollblood warlocks primarily use their magic to support their army. Specifically, they tend to use spells that increase the offensive or defensive capabilities of their troops, although a few casters do have ways of making the full blood trolls that accompany them to battle even more ferocious. Trollblood warlocks rarely sling spells at their enemies, preferring to impart greater strength on their army instead.

Trollblood Beasts: Powerful in combat and in the primal animi they bring to the battlefield, these trolls can increase the offense of any army. From devestating melee attacks to high powered ranged weapons, if a troll is not tearing into the enemy, he is still making his presence known with the animi he will be sharing with the Trollbloods around him. Even in the ranks of their beasts, support for the army is not forgotten.


The Circle is a cabal of druids who dwell in wilds of Western Immorean and have a dark and sinister reputation with the civilized nations who believe they worship the Devourer Wurm, the terrifying god of the wilds. In actuality the druids draw on the latent energies of the earth, storms and animals to combat civilization and keep the Devourer Wurm from returning and destroying the world. Because of their small numbers the Circle uses manipulation, deception and misdirection to achieve their aims, but they are fully capable of leveling entire armies with precise displays of awesome power. Indeed the three Omnipotents that lead the Circle are the most powerful human spellcasters in the world. Savage tribesmen, terrifying beasts and the very land itself marches alongside the Circle when they go to war.

Circle Melee: The Circle's melee attacks are very accurate and capable of hitting even high defense model with average rolls. They are also very fast for the most part and can usually get the first charge in, which is necessary as they don't have the stopping power of other factions. While they have lower than normal Armor stats, Circle has higher than normal Defense, Stealth and most of their models can move through rough terrain and forests unhindered.

Circle Range: The Circle's range attacks have average range and power but are also very accurate. They can use terrain and their speed to get off the first shot and decimate the enemy with a shower of missiles.

Circle Warlocks: The Circle's warlocks have the highest average fury stat of Hordes and are thus very accurate spell slingers. They are however fragile for the most part and best kept away from the enemy. They all have a good selection of spells for buffing, denial and attack and are some of the best spellcasters in the game. Some specialize in warbeasts and can run an effective all-beast army.

Circle Denial: Denial is a word that is probably most associated with the Circle. The Circle can prevent the enemy from targeting the army with spells and even punish the enemy for casting spells upon themselves. This can either take the form of making it more difficult for them to cast spells, the complete denial of casting spells, or even making our attacks stronger against them for having spells on their units. Circle can also create forests or clouds effects with relative ease, blocking Line of Sight and disrupting enemy movements or protecting key models.

Circle Warbeasts: Circle Warbeasts can be divided into two categories: the Wold constructs and the fuzzie Beasts. The Wolds bring high Armor, Health and effective defensive and denial animus, but are slower and less powerful than the Beasts. The Beasts bring high damage, high Defense, speed and excellent buff animus, but are lacking in the Armor and Health. But with the proper buffs they can demolish even the toughest of foes in a flurry of claw and fang. Circle also has the highest number of heavy beasts in Hordes.


The Skorne are a race who hail from far to the East across the Bloodstone Marches. They are ruthless and driven, determined to conquer the Iron Kingdoms and enslave its peoples. Skorne soldiers are disciplined and coordinated, obsessed with the warrior code and hopes of exaltation. Their spellcasters harness the energies released through pain and death to drive their soldiers to fight past their natural limits and to punish those who would stand against them.

Skorne Melee: Melee units take up the majority of the Skorne’s infantry, and for good reason. Their discipline and practiced maneuvers, combined with mortitheurgical tinkering, allow them to strike from unexpected angles. Many of the Skorne units are able to take a beating in return as well.

Skorne Ranged: In a faction that exalts dying gloriously in close combat, ranged units are sparse. What ranged attacks there are tend to be precise and moderately powerful, with a bit of the Skorne’s trademark maneuverability

Skorne Magic: Skorne magic manipulates the powers of death and pain, and are used to drive their already skilled warriors to feats of strength and endurance that would normally be impossible. Offensively, these abilities are used to rend souls and hinder the abilities of the enemy.

Skorne Warlocks: Skorne warlocks tend to embrace either the military aspect of Skorne culture, or the mortitheurgical aspect. The former can inspire their troops to greater heights and deliver a sound beating on their own, whilst the latter tend to lurk in the back, harming the bodies and souls of their enemies, whilst manipulating those of their troops.

Skorne Warbeasts: Skorne warbeasts come in a variety of types, but the pride of our army lies in our melee beasts. Whether you want your warbeasts to withstand frightful blows or swiftly maneuver into the meat of an opponent’s army, Skorne can provide, along with some of the hardest hitting beasties in Hordes. When goaded by our beasthandlers, few things can stand in our beasts’ way.


The dragon Everblight exists now as an athanc, the heartstone of the dragon in the chest of the Ogrun Thagrosh, now transformed by the influence of the dragon’s blight. Together they have dominated the nation of reclusive elves, the Nyss and a few ogrun tribes and produced an army of monstrous draconic spawn to support them. They lead a group of Nyss warlocks, given power and linked together and with the dragon’s mind by the shards of the athanc in each of their chests. Everblight constantly experiments with the power of his blight’s influence on the Nyss and ogruns, warping these species who already have an obsessive nature in to various specialised soldiers, and creating a range of spawn perfectly designed for each battlefield role. A soldier of the Legion of Everblight cannot expect a lot of support from his warlocks, but is each a perfected specialist in his role, and can rely on the dragonspawn to do most of the work. Everblight searches the wilds of Immoren for dragons and gods to devour. Every assault of the Legion is preceded by scouting and testing of defences, and followed shortly by overwhelming and decisive force. A dragon doesn't play with his food.

Legion Melee: Most dragonspawn, even the ones with very good guns, are absolute killing machines in melee. They are fast, often fly or find paths through terrain, and many have reach.Many Legion warlocks specialize in enhancing the melee attacks of their dragonspawn in one way or another. They are supported by infantry units of crazed elven weaponmasters, blighted abominations, and berzerking ogrun. Decent melee skill and volume of attacks means that when the Legion charge in, they can deliver a crushing blow to the enemy lines. Often, a killing strike will grant the attacker benefits such as additional attacks, movement, or healing. In this way, Legion builds momentum as it carves through its foes.

Legion Shooting: Legion can be equally reliant on shooting as it is on melee, delivering a hail of arrows and spears from its infantry and gouts of flame from its dragonspawn. While Legion's ranged infantry will prefer stay on the move and pick apart the enemy from afar, the Dragonspawn are often just as powerful in melee, and will often use ranged attacks to soften targets up before going in for the kill. Legion firepower is defined by a penchant for spray templates, as would be expected from a dragon, and for ignoring many of the defensive abilities available to the enemy. Dragonspawn are eyeless and use senses other than sight to “see” through the enemy defenses. Even some infantry have learned similar tricks. One thing is certain. It is very difficult to hide from Legion’s flames.

Legion Warlocks: Legion has one but one male, and that is also the only Ogrun. All others are Nyss females, with various levels of blightedness. Their strengths, weaknesses and play styles vary greatly, and it could be said they are the main source of variety in the faction, but there is one common theme throughout the warlocks. They all support their warbeasts at the expense of not supporting infantry very well, with a few exceptions.

Legion Magic: Legion magic centres on support for their warbeasts with offensive and defensive buffs, with a sub-theme of enemy infantry annihilation. Many warlocks have powerful anti-infantry spells that often have useful secondary or lingering effects. In general legion does not have a lot of magical support outside of its warlocks, with just one spell using solo, and no magical weapons other than the ones carried by the warlocks.

Legion Warbeasts: Everblight has created a wide range of dragonspawn, for every occasion from the blood of his warlocks and his enemies. Legion has almost exclusive access to lesser warbeasts, man sized critters that swarm, bite, stab or claw their way through their enemies. Their light warbeasts include the nephilim, results of nefarious experiments by everblight on the Nyss, ad intelligent enough to wield weapons and train in specialist roles, be they melee, ranged or bodyguard. The heavy dragonspawn are all devastating killing machines, using wings or a sturdy set of legs and bulk to fly over or crash through terrain at astonishing speed to deliver a torrent of ranged or melee attacks. All legion warbeasts use their hypersenses to see through clouds forests and most defences to seek their prey. Many have no soul and most will not attack their warlock under any circumstances.


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Re: Hordes/warmachine faction guides for mkII

Post  Man-of-War on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:04 pm


Cygnar is a Kingdom under siege. Blessed from its inception with an abundance of resources and an inventive populace, the nation of Cygnar has long been the at the center of all matters in the Iron Kingdoms. This largess has come at price, and in the current tumultuous climate Cygnar finds it's self beset on all sides, straining to reconcile ancient alliances and traditions with the necessities of the day. On the field of battle the armies of the Cygnus are renowned for their versatility. A Cygnaran soldier is expected to shift seamlessly between roles, be it offense or defense, ranged or melee. This flexibility ensures that no soldier who fights under the banner of the Swan is ever truly unprepared.

Cygnar Melee: The warriors of Cygnar who fight face to face with their enemies do so with power and precision. Though not noted for their native durability or speed, melee soldiers have access to either ranged weapons or enhancing abilities to over come their limitations.

Cygnar Ranged: The reduction of enemy forces at range is central to Cygnaran warfare, so it follows that no other faction can match the volume of accurate ranged attacks available to the commanders of Cygnar. Though these attacks will rarely win the day individually, properly targeted they can winnow away the enemy forces to easily managed numbers.

Cygnar Warcasters: Cygnar's warcasters are strong and skilled commanders. They improve upon the strengths of their troops and bolster their weaknesses. Some of our warcasters are built to manipulate the opponent while others are designed around reinforcing their own army.

Cygnar Magic: The warcasters of Cygnar carry with them some of the most potent enhancement spells known to the Iron Kingdoms. Spells such as Blur and Arcane Shield protect the lives of friendly soldiers while others, like Dead Eye and Chain Lightning, ensure that no enemy is truly safe. Cygnar is also home to some of the most potent anti-warjack abilities known to man. Few commanders will find themselves without the tools to diminish their enemy's use of these weapons.

Cygnar Warjacks: The heavy warjacks of Cygnar are specialized for close combat. Even those that have ranged weapons find themselves at home in a melee. Cygnar's superior resources grant these behemoths high accuracy and mobility, even as their durability tends to be low. By contrast, the light warjacks in Cygnar are most comfortable during mid to long ranged engagements.


Loyal followers of the Creator of Man, Menites work together to overcome the toughest opponents, letting nothing stand in their way. While sometimes individually weaker, more than any other faction they leverage synergy to combine into an unstoppable force. Every Menite killed in battle just inspires his fellows to fight even harder until all the Iron Kingdoms submit to Menoth's Law.

Menoth Melee: Blessed with cheap, effective troops, the Protectorate has a mix of fast precision troops and slower hard-hitting Knights. These units are supported by a combination of commanding officers who ensure their faith does not waiver in the face of death.

Menoth Ranged: Preferring quantity over quality, there is a strong emphasis on AOE and spray attacks over the more accurate direct-fire weapons of other factions. Menites do not need to hit in order to kill, instead letting their wandering blasts land where they may, causing unquenchable fires in many cases. Aiming is even less necessary if your fanatical troops are willing to put themselves in harm's way to fire from point-blank distance.

Menoth Magic: Menoth spells focus on protection and enhancement of their army. They protect against magic, shield their troops, and inflict divine punishment on anyone who attacks them. Offensively their blessings inspire their troops to fight better while raining holy fire upon the enemy from afar. Some Menoth warcasters can even harvest the souls of their dying troops to inflict one last attack upon the enemy.

Menoth Warcasters: Menite warcasters excel in helping their army do more. Most of them have wide-ranging spells that help buff their army up to superhuman levels. While blasting the enemy with cleansing fire, they up the accuracy and damage output of their own troops and warjacks to high levels.

Menoth Warjacks: Despite early problems in acquiring the knowledge to manufacture warjacks, the Protectorate now has an arsenal of warmachines that rival any nation of Immoren. They serve roles from anti-infantry and anti-warjack, to durable arcnodes, to warcaster bodyguards. While slightly less armored than 'jacks of Khador, and somewhat less agile than Cygnaran designs, Protectorate warjacks strike a balance and are supported like no other army's can be - through the prayers and hymns of the faithful. With this support they often arrive at their chosen targets unscathed.


From the harsh north of Western Immoren come the proud people of Khador. Cursed, or some would say blessed, with a harsh environment to live in, Khadorans are, on average, bigger and stronger than others in the Iron Kingdoms. They've had to scrape out a living amongst the cold, unforgiving lands, becoming tough and hard-bitten. A people with a longstanding tradition of empire, Khador has never stayed out of warfare long. Their recent conquest of the kingdom of Llael and expulsion of Cygnar from the Thornwood has only added to their hubris.

Khador Melee: Khador hits hard. Very hard. They were the originals to coin the term "Axe to face!" Though generally a little slower than other factions, when Khador manages to connect, it's always a knock-out blow. With the most unmodified high-power melee attacks, Khador is looking to get in and mix it up in melee, where they will almost surely come out on top.

Khador Ranged: Khador's ranged attacks tend to come in two forms, pinpoint attacks that are highly accurate or devastating blasts that can kill swaths of enemies with a single shot. Khador has a couple highly accurate shooting units that are adept at taking the enemy apart with scalpel-like precision. On the other hand, Khador's use of the Bombard, a large-barreled mortar-like weapon, throws out area-of-attack blasts, but you're never quite sure exactly where they will go.

Khador Magic: Based off of the world in which they live, most of Khador's magic is about ice. Able to freeze the enemy in their tracks and send debilitatingly cold blasts into the enemy, Khador's offensive magic can really give the enemy the cold shoulder.

Khador Warcasters: With only one exception, Khador warcasters are the only faction that doesn't have access to Arc Node technology. This causes their warcasters to fight from the front. That's ok, though, because no other faction can boast as many warcasters both resistant to assassination, yet also as capable of doing an assassination run of their own. Khador warcasters tend to sport high defensive values and many damage boxes to keep them going, even when placed directly in harm's way on purpose.

Khador Warjacks: They're big. Really big. Bigger than anyone else's. If you want the most massive machines to be in the game under your control, this is where you want to look. Khador's philosophy of "bigger is better" isn't shown anywhere more faithfully than in their warjacks. With the highest average armor value and more damage than anyone else, Khador's warjacks seem unstoppable. Your enemy's attacks will mostly just bounce off the armor, or only do a couple points of damage as they move relentlessly forward, waiting to connect with their axes.


The Nightmare Kingdom of Cryx has long been the "bogeymen" that other kingdom's mothers tell their children about to scare them to eat their broccoli and do their chores. The only problem is that the "bogeymen" are real. Very real. Undead horrors abound in Cryx. But these aren't your shambling, mindless undead. They run screaming at you at a dead sprint, bringing swift death... and the eventual rebirth as yet another in the ranks of the always-growing undead masses.

Cryx Melee: Cryx excells in melee due to their speed and generally stealthy nature. Able to conduct lightning strikes before the enemy has a chance to get a bead on them, they rush in and can pound you to death before you even realized they were coming. Generally, their melee attacks can be augmented in some way, either through combo-strikes or focus-feedback or magical manipulation. Just "punching you" rarely happens in Cryx.

Cryx Ranged: Modestly sparse in the faction, Cryx ranged attacks, like their melee, tend to have something else along for the ride. They may cause your trooper to explode, or force them to choose between attacking or moving next turn, or some other form of nastiness. Though this isn't where Cryx is going to be winning most of their games, their ranged effectiveness is a set-up to the melee waiting to come.

Cryx Magic: Cryx loves to see their enemies disolve into puddles of goo, and as such, have numerous spells that cause acid damage to their opponents. Their highly-accurate magic attacks help out wheir their lack of ranged attacks may turn into a problem. With the most arc nodes available, their warcaster's spells can come from almost any angle. Other than that, Cryx is master of debuff. Messing with your opponent's armor or defense values only makes their, what may seem like modest, attack ability look over-the-top.

Cryx Warcasters: Cryx, like most other factions, has a host of vastly different Warcasters who all work differently depending on the play style of the general fielding them. We have strong, direct assassins like Warwitch Deneghra and Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast, and murderous meat grinders like Iron Lich Asphyxious and Lich Lord Terminus. While some Warcasters may have similarities, or share similar spells, no two play the same, and swapping out Skarre for Asphyxious within the exact same force will give it a totally different focus.

Cryx Warjacks: Cryxian Helljacks are some of the fastest Warjacks in the Iron Kingdoms, and although they have lighter armor than most of the rest, they pack a serious punch. We also employ more Arcnodes than any other faction, and Bonejacks such as the Deathripper, the Nightwretch and the Defiler are seen in numbers on the battlefield. They are blazing fast vessels capable of providing our Warcasters a safe and easy way to launch punishing spells into our opponents back ranks, and solidifying our position as the most magically dominant force in Western Immoren.


Ios, a nation of elves, has long isolated itself from the rest of the Iron Kingdoms; hiding from the world as their Gods disappeared and died due to some unknown reasons. The Retribution of Scyrah were an outlaw terrorist cell in IoS, who - believing human magic is the cause of their gods ills - have been working throughout the Iron Kingdoms to kill as many human mages as possible, hoping to save, or stave off the death of their last goddess Scyrah. With the rediscovery of Nyssor, in the hands of the Khadoran Greylords, along with Goreshades goals to kill the remaining gods, the Retribution of Scyrah has gained political traction, with several great houses openly joining their cause... allowing the Retribution to openly go to war against the human nations.

The Retribution of Scyrah specialised in assassination and guerrilla warfare, and this is still the case; but the joining of several houses has brought many powerful soldiers and warjacks. As a Faction retribution boast the most highly developed weapons and warjacks, working alongside stealthy assassin models. They lack the numbers of other nations, but make up for it with elite specialised soldiers carrying the best weapons. They perhaps lack synergy, but are so capable on a unit level they hardly need it.

Retribution of Scyrah Melee and Ranged: Well armoured, or stealthy, the warriors of the Retribution are all highly trained, and specialise in destroying their targets. There are three distinct types of units units in the Retribution of Scyrah: the heavily armoured and powerful Dawnguard; the generic fast and adaptable Houseguard; and the stealthy and deadly Mage Hunters. Dawnguard are the elite soldiers of Ios, well trained and boasting the best armour and weapons; they overcome the enemy by strength of arms and resilience. Houseguard are the standard soldiers of IoS boasting weapons superior to their human counterparts and making up for any shortcomings with extensive training and special abilities; they overcome their opponents by quickly adapting to the needs of the situation. Mage Hunters are the traditions 'assassin' models of the Retribution of Scyrah, they are lightly armoured, well trained and tasked with eliminating the stain of human sorcery from the world; they attack the enemy from stealthy positions, with magical weapons ignoring the strongest magical enchantments. Overall, the offensive abilities of the Retribution of Scyrah are heavily specialised, with models attacking the enemy directly. As a faction they have a general lack of AOEs, sprays and other area wide attacks; but are able to ignore LoS, spells and other rules human spell casters hide behind.

Retribution of Scyrah Magic: Retribution magic tends to focus on two areas, enhancing the factions offense - with spells like snipe, vortex of destruction, mobility, and phantom hunter allowing them to attack harder, faster or when they usually wouldn't; or preventing the enemy's offense - with spells like stranglehold, polarity shield, and banishing ward denying various aspects of the game. They also boast an ability to take a large number of mage models, bringing both offensive magic and movement effects, to help position themselves and the enemy in a preferable position.

Retribution of Scyrah Warjacks: The Warjacks of this faction are, on first appearance, plain standard jacks, they have above average SPD values, but average STR, MAT, RAT, DEF, ARM and below average damage boxes. However, they all have a repairable powerfield protecting them, and each brings a different set of special, generally focus based, abilities. These qualities allow them to fight, in their area of specialisation, better than the standard jacks of any other faction. While these special abilities allow them to excel in one area, their generic core nature also allows them a degree flexability not usually seen in jacks - for instance most of initial heavys are armed equally well for melee as they are for ranged warfare. Overall our jacks tend to fill a role on the battlefield no other models do, and so are commonly fielded in a combined arms approach to warfare.


Whether for coin, vendetta or ideal, the mercenaries of the Iron Kingdoms fight across all of Western Immoren. Privateers, time-honored mercenary charters, renegades, and brigands make up their ranks. Lacking the industry, resources and treasuries of nations, mercenaries rely on flexibility and uniquely specialize units to seize victory, profit and revenge.

Mercenary Melee: Mercenary commanders have access to hulking warjacks, heavy cavalry, ranks of infantry, and elite skirmishers to meet any foe. While they may lack the combat specialization of other factions, they make up for it in versatility. From lightly armed pirates to armor-encased Dwarves, Mercenaries have it all.

Mercenary Ranged: Whether using guns, bows, or cannons, Mercenaries dominate ranged combat. Privateer and Rhullic allies bring heavy artillery while Stealheads and the Resistance bring rifles. A menagerie of other allies bring bows, crossbows, vials of alchemical agents, cannons, and even throwing knives.

Mercenary Magic: While lacking the infrastructure to recruit, raise and train those adept at sorcerous magics, Mercenaries can exploit their contacts to hire those outcasts and wanderers who can wield arcane power. From sorcerour Elves to rebel gun mages, Mercenary magics are as varied as their other assets.

Mercenary Warjacks: Maintaining and repairing warjacks can be expensive. Thankfully, cast offs from Cygnar, converted laborjacks, and Rhullic allies are plentiful. Mercenaries have access to durable-but-slow Rhullic jacks, a variety of fast light jacks, and a large number of ranged jacks. While they may lack the flashy new weaponry of the nations, Mercenary jacks are brutally efficient tools of the trade.

It should be noted that to play Mercenaries, one must pick a Contract. Each Contract represents an organization that is willing to pay for certain Mercs to forward their sometimes mysterious and dubious agendas.
For more Information on Contracts, see the Mercenary Community, specifically this thread that describes who can work for which Contract at the bottom of this post. I mean, you can't really expect every sell-sword and cuthroat to work with any other, can you? http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?5802-Mk2-Mercenaries-Who-works-for-which-Contract

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