2500 pt campaign list

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2500 pt campaign list

Post  HereticWolf on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:13 am

So here is my campaign list semi comp list with some fluff. The army is a swift strike force dispatched by Dante himself to annihilate the necron plague from the universe !

Furioso Dread w/ talons (in SR#1)
2x 5man assault squad w/ Melta and PF(sgt)
Sanguinary priest w/ power sword
Las Plas Razorback
2x 5man assault squad w/ Melta and PF(sgt)
Las Plas Razorback
Death Company 9man w/ 3 power swords, infurnos pistol
Lemartes (in SR#2)
Death Company Dread w/ talons
2x Baal Predators w/ TLAC
2x Storm Raven w/ TLAC,TLMM, extra armor


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