Necron List 2k

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Necron List 2k

Post  Man-of-War on Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:46 pm

I've been using warriors in as immortals and liking it so here's my list... This is still 2k

Imotekh the Stormlord
Anrakyr the Traveller

Court 1
4x Lords w/warscythes, rez orbs, and mindshackle scarabs

Court 2
1x Time tek w/chronometron
3x Storm tek

10x Immortals
10x Immortals
10x Immortals
10x Immortals w/ all tesla carbines (Anrakyrs upgrade with Furious charge and Counterattack)

Heavy Support

I've been having some decent luck with this list. Been running it against a friend of mine that vows to beat it. The Lords each go into a unit of Immortals along with Crypteks in each. Stormlord joins the one that has the timetek for rerollable nightfighting. Anrakyr is something that I've found out most people don't expect... Especially when your own Razorback or other vehicles weapon turns and shoots something on your own side on my turn. The Doomscythes people underestimate as well... The Str 10 ap 1.. 3d6 line for hitting is pretty much the heavy autillary for all my lists with necrons. The Nightfighting with random lightning for the stormlord helps with everything.

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