Battle for the artifact....

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Battle for the artifact....

Post  Man-of-War on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:15 am

Today me and two others played three games in a row. I was proxying Draigowing going against chaos marines first, tau second, and chaos again third... Which someone asked to write a little short story for his mini campaign we did.

Draigo battled his way back from the warp and found himself battling along side a librarian and a few of his pallidin bodyguards. The inquisitor overseeing the battle from above in the battlebarge sent an assassin to assist in the battle against chaos. Tzeentchs own thousand sons where planet side for the first battle. Abaddon was still on his personal ship in orbit called Planet Killer. He was planning on getting the artifact from the greyknights clutches to issue in another black crusade, but tested the waters by sending the thousand sons down to do the fighting first. Since the Pallidins gave no quarter and slayed all the thousand sons the despoiler left them to their fate. Leaving them to contemplate his next move. They meant nothing to him as long as he gotten his prize later.
Next thing the Tau Empire where coming by the same planet and detected the energy signature. Then they pin pointed the location they deployed a strike force to secure the artifact. They believed that it would help their cause if they where to examine it. The greyknights again with Draigo leading the forces where a bit too much for the tau empire. The tau lost thanks to the Librarian in the greyknights ranks. He was the true hero of this focusing his power into his brothers to make them act as if a blurr of motion and increase their strength. They cut a bloody trail through the tau.
Then the Despoiler finally made his move and caught the greyknights off guard bringing alot of heavy armor. He was determined to get the artifact he wanted to possess. The assassin then hit abaddon with a rifle shot that pierced the shield around him without damaging him. Allowing Draigo to close in with his squad and librarian in tow to kill the despoiler. You truly cannot kill a champion of chaos though. So abaddon retreats to the warp to plan another black crusade at another point. Draigo gets pulled back into the warp as well to stay fighting daemons. The librarian gets killed by a chainfist to his gut. He wasn't fast enough with his sword to block it. Then after winning that combat the squad was inspired by their justicar to charge another squad of Chaos Champions. Only 5 survived the battle that happened then. Then a few lucky shots from vindicators lowered the numbers to 1 lone pallidin. The vindicators blew up after because of the wrath of the dark gods for losing the artifact. The 1 lone pallidin held the artifact until backup arrived to excavate it later on. For the ones that gave their life for this victory. They will be remembered.

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