Almost had a player in TEARS!!!!

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Almost had a player in TEARS!!!!

Post  AllmightyDM on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:22 am

Yeah so last night one of my Pathfinder players had a birthday and just like when I ran the LARP, I "favorite" players every now and then. Favoritism means that I spend alot of time writing specific story for your character, which in her case meant that her elven noble got a letter delivered by a messenger that her father, an ambassador, had been confined to house arrest and charged with treason for conspiring with her to rob the elven kingdom of treasure. Now the actual details of the charges were something akin to they have been blowing massive wealth into forming relations with a human kingdom that has no significant interest to the elven people.

Now her character shares a father with another player's character (a half elf), but he's a bastard son so they don't have that great of a relationship. But anyways, I could see it in her face that it really got her attention. She's playing in my Kingmaker game and she is the nation's Grand Diplomat. Basically at this point they are trying to find a way to clear her dad of the charges, else he will soon be executed for treason.

insert evil laugh.

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