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Blood Angels unlimited list

Post  grots life on Tue Jun 21, 2011 6:18 pm

I went through my mini's today and put together a Blood Angel army. Just for fun, I put the entire army into one giant, unlimited list and came up with a total of 4930 points without choosing any upgrades for anything. I imagine I can get the army well into the 5k range with upgrades. So far, I can build an army with:

Mephiston (My only named character)
Captain (from the Black Reach box)
2 Furioso Dreadnoughts
Sternguard Veteran Squad (7 + 1 sergeant)
5 Terminator Squads (5 ea.)
2 Land Raider Crusaders
3 Assault Squads (4 + 1 sergeant)
4 Tactical Squads (9 + 1 sergeant) w/Rhino
Death Company (10) w/Rhino
Death Company (10) w/Land Raider
Death Company Dreadnought (generic, I just put it here)
2 Baal Predators
Devastator Squad (4 + 1 sergeant)
Dreadnought (generic)
Stormraven Gunship

I also have (not included points-wise)
2 Rogue Trader era Librarians
2 Rogue Trader era Chaplains
3 Rogue Trader era captains
Fortress of Redemption
2 Imperial Bastions
3 Ageis Defense Lines
3 Lascanon tarantula (maybe they'll be back for 6th edition)

Still on my shopping list for the army:

Scout bikes (2 squads of 3 bikes)
All the named guys
Techmarine (I have a Rogue Trader era one)
Replace all the Rhino's with Razorbacks
Drop Pod or two or three
New style Land Speeder (I have 2 old style)
Vindicator (the Orky player in me likes the big, loud guns)

And someday, I will own a Forgeworld Titan.

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