GofFzzz Do It bEEEsssTTTTTT!

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GofFzzz Do It bEEEsssTTTTTT!

Post  m00ndragon on Thu May 03, 2012 1:11 am

well this is the stuff i have painted for the orks. i dont know why the pic is cut in half but on the otherside i have two more trukks, a battlewagon, and another ork squiggoth.

the trukks i made from the old gorkamorka trukks and combined two of them together to make them longer.

i didnt feel like spending 130 for a squigoth then another 25 for the weapons for 6 squigoths i had plan so i made my own! i used the star wars reek( attack of the clones, battle for genosis arena) then ordered bits to make the platforms. in normal games i just use them as open topped battlewagons. so instead of 150 they cost me around 35 for each to make.

( dont hate me imperium players Razz ) used a thunderhawk or as the orks call it THuNdA HaWKKKK. i use it as a blasta bomba for game purposes.\

that p-51 mustang i got at a flea market for a dollar so i just made it into an ork fighta. i was like why not?

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Re: GofFzzz Do It bEEEsssTTTTTT!

Post  grots life on Thu May 03, 2012 6:42 am

A looted wagon would fit nicely under that Thunderhawk Transport.
grots life

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