alamo 40k gt results

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alamo 40k gt results

Post  m00ndragon on Thu May 24, 2012 10:12 pm

those are the unofficial results. the TO is redoing his whole website to include the gt for warmachine in sept so it wont be up for awhile.

overall winner was a CSM nurgle army. it was painted very well so it got a huge boost in painting points and being fluffy for being all nurgle.
general went to a gk( a friend and local player of SA) followed by a dual lash slaneesh CSM and then an eldar was third general.

the dude with the nurgle got best painted but he got the overall award so he wasnt eligable for best painted army. it went to a local buddy that i knew who did an amazing coverting and painting job on some daemons.

here are the links on dakka to the battle reports. that game 5 between the CSM dual lash and GK was epic.

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