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New story working on...

Post  Man-of-War on Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:05 am

It was snowing in the mountains here. Something he had gotten used to since being born on this planet. Even more so now then before. He was walking through the woods along the side of the mountain. Enjoying the scenery while he was hunting. Smelling the air he picked up his prey that he was searching for. He stepped out in a clearing really slowly while pulling his spear out. The cloak and pelts around him keeping him warm had some overhang that swayed in the wind. 20 yards away the deer he sites. He lifts the spear a bit higher to get more range on the throw. He casts it with perfect aim that's been practiced for years as it connects with the deer. He walks over to the dead animal. Then pulls his knife out to gut it, string it up, and start to skin it. In his mind there is nothing like it at all in life. The thrill of the hunt. The scenery of this planet. It's too bad it doesn't last he thought. After putting the fresh meat into a sealable container. He started to make his way back up the mountain. On the way up he was wondering what all he would have to do next.

Then finally making it to the top he saw his destination The Fang. It was the Fortress of the Space Wolves/Space port for them. It was an awesome view from down here. He continued walking toward an entrance at the base of the mountain. The door slid open and he entered. Inside he was greeted by his company which met him at their own personal mess hall that each company had. He unfolded the fresh meat and said, "Let's Eat!". Then he threw the meat onto the fire to cook. It was greeted with cheers across the hall. He took off the pelts that where on his back and pulled the hood down off his head to reveal Tatoos of heroic deeds written in fenrisian across his face.

He raised his flask of fenrisian ale and his company met his flask while saying, "For Sven Bloodhowl!!".

He grinned a bit and returned with, "You men did good this past task. Enjoy it because I'm sure the Great Wolf will summon us tomorrow to leave on another task." At that he took a few gulps of his ale. Then turned to sit on the chair at the head of the table. Enjoying his companies spectacles of firebreathing with ale. Which he laughed at when some blood claw senged anothers hair. Then a fight broke out between them. He ended up stepping between them and punching both of their lights out to stop the fight. He wouldn't have in fighting in his company.
With that he left the mess hall and continued on until he ran into Ulric the Slayer.

The High Wolf Priest gazed at Sven a bit before saying, "So enjoying the time off are we young pup?"

Sven fired back barring his teeth, "Watch it old priest. I'm not the little pup I used to be back when you chose me."

Ulric chuckled, "No your not anymore. You grew to be a fine wolf lord."

Sven then grinned at him, "So what brings you to this side of the Fang?"

Ulric gazed at the ground, "Its time for you alone to see the Great Wolf. He wants to speak with you before the Lords gathering tomorrow." Then he turned around and started walking away. "Enjoy your free time while you have the chance pup."

Sven then was wondering why. He could tell by the Old Priests smell that he wasn't telling him everything. He shook his head and headed to his chambers. After a while of walking he finally came upon it. The door hissed open. He entered and there was his armor where he left it. He assembled it onto his body remembering how to do it instinctively now. Then once he was fully clad in the armor. He looked down at the armor which was starting to look cluttered with all the heroic deeds he has pulled off. Then he remembered that his company is starting to do the same as he. Each of his wolf guard in his company started tattooing their bodies with their heroic deeds. He looked up and exited the chamber and headed for the Great Wolfs Hall.

I know make up my own fluff, but the great companies of wolves aren't really expanded on in the codex that much.

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Re: New story working on...

Post  CKO on Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:01 am

Keep it up, its funny that you post this while I am up writing myself. I agree there is plenty of room in the codex to play around with to make some fluff.

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